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Feels Like Home: Slow Living

15 January 2021

With all of us at home more, and potentially for the long haul, this season (and beyond) the interiors spotlight focusses on nature-inspired hues and innovative, renewable designs capable of reminding us of life outside of our four walls.


Muted, emotive and nature-inspired colours and designs have the ability to calm our mood and harness a sense of tranquility over our interiors - something we can all agree that we could do with a good dose of. As the current moment once again offers a unique opportunity to push back against the cult of speed and to continue life in this slower, more meaningful form, here's how we'll be curating timeless homes to celebrate and call back to the nature that resides outside of our four walls.

From left: Beeble Pouffe in Earth Silver, Cage Pendant and May Coffee Table.

Opt for a palette cleansing hue

When we picture slow living our minds summon images of cool, breezy colour palletes filled with relaxing neutral shades. And why wouldn't they - given that most of us associate relaxing with being immersed in nature. 

Decorating rooms with similar tones that don't fight for attention encourages a contemplation of the surroundings, for eyes to slow down and focus on traditional details, architectural shapes and textures that make up and characterise a home. 

We're currently seeking solace in blush hues that offer an upbeat, flushed take on pure white. Rosy tones are lifting our spirits and communicating a sense of wellbeing and happiness to our surroundings. Easily accented by metallics and richer plum or navy hues, blush offers a sweeping neutral tone to suit a wide variety of rooms or properties and promises to stay in vogue due to it's nature-inspired credentials. 

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From Left: Arbor Armchair in Earth Silver.

Embrace minimalism

By allowing our homes to evolve slowly over time rather than racing to complete every corner straight after moving in or renovating, we in turn make more considered decisions that cumulate in more personalised and soulful homes. Taking the time to invest in designs you’ll love for a lifetime is a much more conscious, planet-friendly decision than hankering after and succumbing to the next high-street trend to fill empty space and white walls.

We're currently utilising more time at home to plan considered homeware purchases and seeing the positives of saving money on usual days out and hobbies to invest in designs we'll love for years to come and pass on to future generations.

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From left: No.1 Pendant Giant in Ash, No.1 Pendant Giant XL in Oak, No.1 Pendant in Oak, Stuggy Side Table and Arbor Sofa in Earth Silver.

Maximise texture

When designing a relaxing, soothing home space in which to appreciate slower daily rituals, texture is one of the most important elements to incorporate. Balancing opposing elements such as strength and softness is key to creating an interesting, harmonious space to spend time in. Choosing juxtaposing materials in similar tones will keep your interior both interesting and peaceful. For example, marble, granite and hardwoods pair with soft wools, linens and sheepskins to create a contrasting aesthetic that both utilises and celebrates materials from mother nature.  

If you've a downplayed colour within your home and delicately decorated a neutral interior you can safely go heavy-handed on the textures to create subtle drama and evoke a hygge cosiness within your space.

We're lusting after luxurious knitted blankets, shaggy cushions and sheepskin rugs to add warmth and softness to our homes and spend the winter lockdown hibernating with a good book. 

Characterise with Craft

Whether you opt for homewares made from recyclable materials, up-cycled pieces or designs created using traditional crafts, surrounding yourself with objects that you admire and cherish is an instant mood booster, lockdown or no lockdown.

In our opinion, slow living goes hand-in-hand with carefully considered space and sustainability. If you choose to fill your home with a collection of items from travels around the world, thrifted objects from local second hand furniture stores, family heirlooms or sustainably sourced, handcrafted steam bent designs, they will help to create a home that embodies the values and outlook of those who dwell within its walls. Items that have individuality and personal significance to you will bring more joy than trending, mass-produced pieces. 

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