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2021 Interior Design Guide

7 January 2021

A year of comfort, quality and greenery ahead? Yes please...

For the interior design industry, 2020 will forever be remembered as the year we all spent the majority of our time at home. Forced by the Corona Virus pandemic to reimagine and reconfigure our space to meet the new demands of our lifestyles - we redecorated, refreshed and embraced the comfort of home.

Whilst 2021 brings with it fresh hope and new beginnings, many of our habits, routines and rituals from last year will inevitably live on; including an appreciation of a comfortable and relaxing home space. With this in mind, along with our desire to help you live sustainably, we have focussed on timeless, elegant looks that will endure beyond this year – so that you can be inspired and decorate with confidence.

With origins rooted in the sculptural tree canopies surrounding our Cornish design studio, our ash wood Lundy Shelf celebrates the strength, versatility and unique character of this sustainable natural material, whilst showcasing forward-thinking design at it’s very best.

Add the warmth of wood

Biophillic design, and the use of natural materials, is set to be increasingly popular this year as we seek more ways to bring the natural world inside our homes.

A little bias, but our favourite material (wood) is the go-to choice for introducing a sense of warmth and character into a scheme and works equally well in modern and traditional homes. It's versatile too with a choice of wood types, thicknesses, textures and finishes - meaning whatever your property style, wood is guaranteed to add a timeless finish.

Celebrating nature’s formations. Taking inspiration from the organic shapes, movements and sequential patterns that surround us, our Ash or Walnut wood Arame Pendants invite you to put nature back in the spotlight.
Handcrafted from a strip of sustainable oak. Rooted in an oak wood base with exposed flex and brass detailing. Dropping splashes of light from its Helix shade to bring focus from the shadows; the Stem Wall Light is the ultimate balance between form and function.
Our Crib Console Table doubles up as a desk for space-saving study time. Likewise, our Twill Coat Stand can be used in an array of settings to hang and store bath towels, hallway coats of even drape clothes and blankets.

Multi-purpose pieces

With many of us transitioning to working remotely and studying from home over the past year, there’s been a lot of adapting the less-used spaces in our homes. We’ve been making our homes work hard for us with furniture pieces like dining tables and breakfast bars playing double duty as desks and study areas for the many conference calls and videos.

We think that versatile furniture pieces are going to be ever-popular in 2021 with investment designs that have dual purpose taking precedent and becoming fundamental to homes for years to come.

Likewise, small space accessories such as portable mirrors and planters will become crucial for smaller homes where a balance between practical yet aesthetically pleasing will always be desirable.

Image alt text goes here
Our versatile Crib Stool looks equally at home in a living space, hallway or as a bedside table.

Durable Designs

Inevitably, spending more time between our own four walls last year also meant that we picked up on every little scuff, worn seat and fraying cushion in our homes. With most of us continuing to work and learn from home in the new year, there will be a focus on high-quality, durable furniture designs featuring hard-wearing fabrics.

Upholstered with the highest quality, contract grade wool, our furniture designs have timeless style which never compromises on comfort. Having teamed up with world-leading textiles companies Abraham Moon and Kvadrat, we feel confident our unique steam bent furniture pieces are in great company, but we'll let you be the judge of that...

Choose from our range of curated colours, or make the Arbor Armchair your own with our customisable fabric range.
Our Beeble Pouffe is covered in contract grade, hard-wearing fabric that's easy to clean - meaning it's a great choice for busy homes with children or pets.
Elongated twists of steam bent oak shooting from the ground skywards. At once concealing yet revealing, the Gwelsen Screen offers tantalising glimpses of the other side of your room.

Broken Plan Living

Stand aside open-plan... 'broken plan' is the newest interior trend set to storm 2021. A design concept that moves away from minimal, completely open-plan living spaces in homes, 'broken plan' sees homes characterised by smaller distinct zones in which to work, eat and relax.

The employment of screens, bookcases, partial walls, free-standing furniture pieces and the introduction of large houseplants can help to create the feeling of private nooks or distinct zones within a larger room. Broken plan living will be particularly popular in family households and will allow relaxing spaces to be formed separately from the homeschooling and working-from-home set ups that dominated 2020.

Green fingers are here to stay as houseplants remain a popular home trend for 2021.

Brighten your home and your mood

With an ever-changing and challenging political, economical and social climate, it's no surprise that our love of nature will be at the heart of our design choices for the year ahead. 

You wouldn’t be alone in growing your collection of indoor plants during lockdown last year, many of us enthused over plant parenting and introduced (numerous!) new houseplants to our homes to add a touch of green and invite nature inside.

As people continue to spend more time at home with a new-found appreciation of nature, the houseplant trend will continue to blossom and play an important part in interior styling as well as our physical and mental health. Edible plants will step-up as the new must-have green friends on the block, providing not just the convenience of growing your own fresh indoor herbs and vegetables plants, but the reward of doing so too!

Our Morvah Ceiling and Wall Hanging Planters, plus our Mawnan Planters make the perfect place to grow edible herbs indoors. Simply pop your herbs in their grow pots inside each planter and hang by a sunny window, or position on a windowsill and watch in awe as your plants grow (and look great too!)

Our Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter is the perfect place to grow edible herbs for cocktail making.
skipper wall light
A unique wall light design that celebrates natural materials and handcrafted skill, the Skipper Wall Light is created from sixteen individual, sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut wood petals and designed to produce golden light and eye-catching shadow effects in equal measure.

Decorative task lighting

Just as our home furnishings worked hard for us last year, so did our light fittings. We needed them to set the ambience for cosy dinners, virtual quizzes and illuminate our space for work and studying. Desk lamps became a household essential and the trend for practical lighting isn’t going anywhere.

But, who says lighting can’t be both practical and beautiful? Our expansive collection of ceiling, wall, table, floor and flush-fitting lighting designs has something for every taste, task and property style.

Image 1 alt text goes here
A naked bulb haloes out light, bright and striking in the dark, our Mooring Table Light with Red Flex is perfectly positioned for illuminating a side table or desk.
Image 2 alt text goes here
Designed to ensure that the light bulb inside is completely concealed behind curving wooden petals, our Urchin Pendant Range - Trio Cluster Large create a dynamic cluster ceiling light that suits those who prefer soft, ambient light.
mullion floor light

Explore our Lighting Collection

Explore the full kaleidoscopic range of sustainable, steam bent and wooden Pendants, Chandeliers, Wall, Floor and Table Lights, including our iconic and bestselling Skipper and Urchin Lights.

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