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Create a wellbeing boosting bathroom

22 September 2022

From master bath to en-suite, every bathroom deserves to be a space of solace…
tom raffield bathroom accessories
Marrying both form and function, the Housel Shelf with Mirror holds your bathroom essentials whilst brightening your room.

Every detail counts when it comes to designing your bathroom. Clean lines and minimalist forms will create a refreshing space that welcomes peace and serenity to a busy daily routine. Bathrooms tend to be awkwardly shaped with lower light levels - making them the perfect spaces to experiment with incorporating innovative design. Explore our tips to transforming your bathroom into a tranquil oasis…

tom raffield mawnan planter
Portable. Versatile. Beautiful. The Mawnan Planter can sit window side or be suspended to add new life to your bathroom.

Create a fresh environment

Establish a serene environment by surrounding yourself with nature. Aloe Vera, Dracaena, Snake Plants, and Spider Plants all enjoy humid bathroom conditions and thrive in low light levels. Adding greenery not only transforms your bathroom space with a breath of fresh air, but boosts your mental wellbeing. Opt for planters with smooth curves and organic forms to increase the ambience.

tom raffield mantol planter
Adjustable by design, allowing your plants to reach optimum light levels, the Mantol Planter brings life to gloomy corners.
tom raffield maen pot
From planter to skincare storage - our Maen Pots can adapt to suit your needs.

If your bathroom is compact or lacking in natural light, opt for planters that will aid brightening up your space – striking whites and fresh wooden tones are a great start! Whether you have the space for an indoor jungle of thriving houseplants, or a single succulent, bold greenery is always warmly received in a bathroom.

Minimise visual clutter

Drape your cosy bath robe and fluffy towels over our steam bent Taffrail to add a touch of cosiness to your space.

Well thought out storage is a must when keeping your bathroom clutter free. Compact designs that keep your belongings tucked away, but still within reach, is the best place to start when introducing smart storage to your interior. Less is more when it comes to adding furniture to your bathroom space so avoid storing items in the bathroom if they can be homed elsewhere to maintain the feeling of minimalism and tranquillity. Your softest towels on display will add a touch of cosy comfort to your environment, which is often needed in bathroom spaces.

tom raffield new meru trio peg rail
A design that does it all. The Meru Trio Peg Rail is a welcome addition to bathrooms due to its versatile storage abilities.
tom raffield laris wall hook
Small but mighty, the Laris Wall Hook works hard in compact interiors to make your evening routine run smoothly.

Brighten your bathroom

Whether you optimise natural light or introduce lighting designs, a crisp, bright bathroom will keep your interior cheerful and welcoming. Mirrors placed strategically across from windows will reflect the natural lighting across your space - an easy win for curating a bright interior.

tom raffield tilner mirror
Placed where you need it most, the Tilner Mirror’s compact design sits at the perfect level for midday outfit checks.

If your bathroom does not have windows, designs that showcase soothing forms whilst illuminating with a warm, golden glow are the best option. Unify your bathroom with a wooden pendant design that creates a focal point in your space whilst evoking a sense of well-needed calm.

tom raffield enka pendant
Suiting crisp bathroom spaces, the Enka Pendant illuminates with warm down lighting.
tom raffield semper pendant
Align the adjustable outer wooden layers of the Semper Pendant to guide beams of light through your space where needed.

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