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Creating a Cosy Reading Nook

22 September 2023

Our guide to creating comfort and serenity…

tom raffield cosy corner

Picture this, you are cosied up with a cup of tea, your favourite book and tucked away in a world of your own. You have a blanket over you and a hot water bottle to keep the chill off, a calming playlist is on low in the background. A cosy reading nook should exude calm, somewhere to take time for yourself away from the pressures of everyday life and to reset after a busy day. A reading nook is a specific spot in your home that invites you in to escape reality, read on to find out how to curate your own...

beeble pouffe

Selecting the Perfect Spot

Firstly, you need to decide on a spot in your home. Ideally there would be plenty of natural light, such as a window seat or you could utilise an overlooked spot – perhaps under a dormer window at the top of the landing. It is helpful to think back to some of the times you have read the most and draw on that to inspire your nook. Reading on holiday comes to mind for us, emulating calming neutrals along with luxurious finishes. Wherever you choose, most importantly, it should be somewhere you will not be disturbed.

Comfort is key

Functional reading nooks must be comfortable, investing in the right piece will ensure your able to unwind for years to come. Our Arbor Armchair is the perfect piece for a nook. The soothing colourway options, combined with the comforting wool fabric, bring an element of sophistication that will elevate the space. Try introducing a throw cushion with a pop of contrasting colour to add a moment of playfulness.

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Take a well deserved moment for yourself in the Arbor Armchair
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Feet up, and relax. The Beeble Pouffe is the perfect spot for resting weary feet after a long day. 

Whether you prefer to tuck your feet up underneath you or like to lounge with your feet stretched out on our Beeble Pouffe, we would recommend having multiple options to keep you comfortable for longer.

Soft Furnishings and Textures

By adding soft furnishings, you are not only adding to the overall look of the space you are also making it inviting and warm. Think tactile furnishings - a thick pile rug to sink your feet into, a soft warm throw for those chillier months, or even a sheepskin for your chair to enhance that luxe cosy feel.

Your cosy evening companion. Warm chilly toes with the Dartmoor Shepherd Sheepskin Rug

If your space is by a window, consider some linen curtains for privacy if overlooked, but also to add depth and dappled light if the sun directly shines in. For those winter months, a cosier heavier set of curtains will not only make the space warmer but will add to the natural ambience.

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The Kyru Vase Short holds your fresh blooms with pride, providing the perfect pop of colour. 

Personalising your space with your favourite treasures is a great way to make your nook feel more inviting. Start by ‘shopping your own home’ and bring some of your favourite pieces together for this cosy corner. The tranquillity you’ll feel over seeing your favourite vase full of blooms or catching the scent of a candle you love will make you feel warmly embraced by your familiar comforts.

Lighting for Ambiance

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the perfect ambience, a space with plenty of natural light is ideal, but clever lighting can create the desired atmosphere with the flick of a switch. For evening reading a soft, warm artificial light is perfect. Depending on the space you have, a range of lighting options is a clever idea - consider a directional wall light paired with a pendant light for ample task lighting. This will not only add to the overall atmosphere but can complement your space with perfect reading lighting levels.

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Add asymmetrical beauty to your home with the Loer Crescent Pendant.  
Image 2 alt text goes here
The Raya Wall Light's minimalist form introduces a boundless glow to your cosy corner. 

The Raya Wall Light, inspired by the planets and moon, adds a calming celestial vibe to the space whilst emitting a calming warm illumination. Pair this with the Loer Crescent Pendant for the ultimate other worldly feel.

Personalise with greenery

To add depth to the nook why not add some greenery, if space is at a minimum having a floor or wall planter will bring nature in without taking up critical shelf or table space needed for your books. Not only do they look great, but they also serve a purpose too. Plants are natural air purifiers, Peace Lilies, Aloe Vera, and Spider plants are among the best in the house plant world as they are both beautiful and easy to care for.

Whether adding life to your table top or floor space, the Mantol Planter is the perfect home for your large, thriving houseplant. 

Shelving and storage

To keep your space inviting you in time after time, it is crucial to keep it organised - shelving with your go to reads on display, a side table for your mug of tea or even a little basket for your blanket will keep you coming back. Try utilising the space you have by having some multifunctional pieces of homeware, such a blanket basket with a top creates another surface to place your belongings.

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Showcasing the allure to steam bent style, the Esun Shelf with Mirror is the perfect blend of form and function. 

The Esun Shelf with Mirror’s steam bent curves naturally draws you in whilst the frameless mirror adds practicality and style. Display your most and prized possessions to elevate the stylish design.

Ultimately your cosy reading nook should tell your story, it should effortlessly showcase your personality and style. It should be a space you cannot wait to get to and somewhere you never want to leave. Somewhere where your mind drifts off, where the real world doesn’t exist - if only for 20 minutes…

Posted: 22.09.23

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