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Urban Minimalism: How to Style Smaller Living Spaces

25 March 2020

We explore ways to incorporate the Urban Minimalism interior trend into smaller homes and spaces. 
The Housel Shelf with Mirror

Make the most out of the smaller spaces in your home by incorporating the Urban Minimalism trend into your interior scheme. Maximise light, keep the colour scheme neutral, highlight architectural features with clean lines, use clever storage solutions and add some greenery to keep things fresh. Let’s find out more...

Burgh Coat Hook
Handcrafted from a single stretch of solid ash wood, the Burgh Coat Hook yields a striking aesthetic with its central steam bent twist.
Burgh Coat Hook
With an elegant slim profile, the Burgh has been designed to sit comfortably in a modest hallway, bathroom or bedroom.

The Hallway

Your hallway sets the tone for the rest of your home, yet this high traffic area is often overlooked when it comes to decorating. As one of the narrower rooms in a home, it can be difficult to create a functional hallway layout, and we all fall victim to a mountain of shoes or a laundry pile on the stairs sometimes.

Turn your hallway into a practical and welcoming space by finding storage solutions that are not only functional but also beautiful. Search for slim-line storage options, such as our Burgh Coat Hook, which offers ample storage for coats, scarves and umbrellas without imposing on your space. Keep shoes tidied away in a narrow shoe storage unit, or use a small basket to keep essentials like running trainers out of the way.

Lusow Mirror Cluster
Meaning ‘ash’ in Cornish, the Lusow Mirror is true to its roots and offers a simple aesthetic to suit a variety of spaces.

Hallways often have very little natural light, so bouncing any available light around the space by hanging mirrors can make a big difference and create spacious and brighter atmosphere. Try styling our new Lusow Mirror in a cluster to create maximum impact.

For petite spaces where storage is key, opt to use our multifunctional Housel Shelf with Mirror – the mirror helps create the illusion of light whilst the seemingly floating ash wood shelf offers a practical place to store hallway essentials. You can even tuck a small scarf on the hoop so it's there ready for when you're rushing out the door.

Grand Designs House
Use neutral tones and natural textures to create a tranquil bedroom scheme for smaller spaces.
Noctis Lighting Range in Bedroom
Darker colours and brass details sit perfectly within the Urban Minimalism trend and can help make a bedroom feel cosy. Our Noctis Lighting Range features handcrafted lighting made from ebonised wood and brass.

The Bedroom

Now more than ever, it’s important to create a relaxing sanctuary in your home and welcome nature inside. Adopting the Urban Minimalism trend can help make your bedroom feel less busy, making for a calm and quiet space. Paint the walls a light colour and include natural textures like linen and wood for a fresh and relaxing feel. Introducing plants to your space will also purify the air, increase air quality and help to transform your room into a calming oasis.

Lundy Shelf
TR styling tip – adding plants into your home will help to improve air quality and will add a natural and calming detail to your walls.

Keep clutter minimal by maximising your storage and add personality to your space by displaying a few well-chosen treasures on our elegant Lundy Shelf, a contemporary and versatile addition to any space. The brass accents and fluid steam bent curves of the Lundy Shelf will help to soften your scheme, and will also help to achieve a minimal, organic aesthetic. 

The Kitchen

A smaller kitchen space requires some innovative, space saving tricks! Whether you’re short of cupboard space or need to utilise multipurpose storage solutions, our Tor Twist Shelf may be just what you’ve been looking for.

This versatile shelf has been carefully sculpted from tonal ash wood by our skilled workshop makers. It gently twists in the centre allowing you to display your favourite mugs or utensils on the three brass tipped wooden pegs, whilst also functioning as a shelf to house your every day essentials such as potted herbs. The Tor Twist Shelf can be aligned left or right to suit your space and looks just as compelling alone or in a pair. 

The Housel Shelf with Mirror
Shaped from supple ash wood, the fluid curves of our circular Housel Shelf with Mirror challenge everyday linear storage solutions.

The Bathroom

As one of the most used rooms in any home, the bathroom should be a practical and functional space that allows you to get ready with as little fuss as possible each morning, whilst also being a relaxing place to unwind at night.

Update your bathroom’s aesthetic with the unique yet practical Housel Shelf with Mirror. This smart design offers a simple aesthetic to suit a variety of spaces. Choose from a tan, brown or black leather strap to complement your bathroom scheme.

New Home Accessories Collection

Discover our exclusive new collection of steam bent storage and accessories that celebrate the strength, versatility and unique tones of sustainably sourced ash wood.

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