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Grand Designs

What happens when you push your ideas to their limits? Introducing our Grand Design.

 Tom Raffield's house of steam-bent wood, as seen on Grand Designs

Taking steam bending to new heights, pioneering bold aesthetics and channelling the essence of the Tom Raffield ethos and design, founders Tom and Danielle Raffield embarked on their biggest project to date. To envisage, design and build their unique family home, with every step of the journey captured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs.

Buying a long-forgotten 19th century Grade II-listed gamekeeper’s cottage in Cornwall, Tom and Danielle set about reinventing the space, shaping an environment to reflect and nurture their creativity.

A large-scale architectural project, it was an exploration into the unknown, pushing the team’s craftsmanship to its peak.

Tom Raffield's house of steam-bent wood
 The front of Tom Raffield's house of steam-bent wood

This place has the potential to be Tom’s masterpiece; the summation of his life's work.

Kevin McCloud, presenter of Grand Designs
The living room at Tom Raffield's house, with steam-bent wooden walls and furniture
Inside Tom Raffield's house, with wooden walls, concrete floor and his steam-bent-wood lights

Working in unison with their environment, Danielle and Tom brought fresh purpose to the materials and resources offered up by their surroundings – utilising timber from their woodland, rocks from the original excavation site, and steam bending talents from their team.

From paper plans to the finishing touches, every inch of the build was thought through in meticulous detail. Whether it was the eco-concrete flooring laid underfoot, ground-source heat pumps to keep the space warm, or the wood waste put aside to create new pieces of furniture to fill their home (many of which feature in the product collection today) – time, consideration, and experimentation characterised every decision made and design undertaken. A huge thank you to Chris Strike of RA Design, who helped us design the house.

 the open-plan kitchen/dining room at Tom Raffield's wood house
 The kitchen at Tom Raffield's house

Together they created a space that brought the outside in, blurring the boundaries of nature and home – and showcasing the fundamental role the natural world has on our design imaginations. From the ground up, this was a truly original build.

The low-impact home was completed to industry acclaim; blending the beauty of nature with architectural innovation, and bridging the gap between honest tradition and inventive new techniques.

Tom and Danie on their Amble Hanging Seat
Tom Raffield's steam-bent-wood house.
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