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Case Study: Cornwall Pearl

17 January 2020

We caught up with Cornish interior design agency Boex Design to chat about how they incorporated Tom Raffield lighting into their latest nature-inspired project for Cornwall Pearl.
Cornwall Pearl
The Skipper and Helix pendants on display at Cornwall Pearl.


TR: Tell us a little bit about Boex Design and what you specialise in.

CN: Boex Design are an interior design agency based in the small fishing village of Porthleven Cornwall, working nationally in the Commercial and Healthcare sectors. We place an emphasis on designing collaboratively with our clients to create functional spaces that enhance the customer experience and working environments.


TR: We love the nature-inspired interior of the Cornwall Pearl retail space – how did you approach the initial design?

CN: Sourcing and selling the finest quality pearls, Cornwall Pearl was looking for a design that was sensitive to the nature of its product and would give context to the areas where oysters can be grown and found. Working closely with the client, we developed a design that both complemented and illuminated the beauty and simplicity of the jewellery. Referencing the Cornish coastline with a natural palette of materials and textures, we reflected the quality of the brand through high-end, detailed joinery.

Pick a Pearl service image
Cornwall Pearl's popular 'Pick a Pearl' service.

TR: Talk us through the use of materials included in the Cornwall Pearl project and the reason behind them.

CN: We chose to use parquet flooring to create natural islands, guiding customers through the store, while highlighting areas of particular interest such as the popular ‘Pick a Pearl’ service. A rock pool environment created using a stone basin filled with water and hand carved timber boulders and pebbles sit as a backdrop for the oyster pearls. Coastal references are continued in the counter front with a timber sand ripple panel. By including tactile sensory materials, the intention was for customers to be encouraged to touch and pick up the jewellery on display.


TR: The Skipper and Helix Pendants look really effective in the space – why did you choose these particular Tom Raffield designs for the project?

CN: We used lots of timbers and curved lines in the scheme, so we were looking for light fixtures to complement these design choices. Tom Raffield’s pendants provided the steam bent timbers we were after but also subtly pick up on the craftsmanship echoed in the bespoke pieces of jewellery made in store.


TR: What is your favourite Tom Raffield design?

CN: It’s very hard to choose but we are loving the Arbor Armchair for a cosy winter night in!


Skipper Pendant
Where pared back design meets our signature curves, the Skipper Lighting Range leads the charge.
Helix Pendant
The Helix Pendant provides an effortless minimalist look.

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