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Product care guide

12 January 2018

A little TLC will ensure your Tom Raffield lighting and furniture will last and look beautiful for generations to come.

Photographed: Skipper Pendant Small in Oak, Crib Stool and Arbor Armchair in Earth Silver.

Wood is the perfect material for our products which are designed and built to last. From our lighting to furniture ranges, our sustainably sourced wood is diverse and durable, and with a little extra TLC will last more than a lifetime.

We use the natural and ecologically sound process of steam bending to form many of our pieces of lighting and furniture. Because of this it is important that Tom Raffield products are stored or used in dry environments (if kept in storage, climate controlled storage is essential) to ensure their longevity.

Read more about choosing the right type of wood, request a wood or upholstery sample or read our care guide below.


Our lighting collection uses a variety of naturally treated timbers – ash, oak and walnut – that are finished with a subtle water-based satin varnish. This provides an easy-to-care-for durable finish which doesn’t compromise the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Dusting your light regularly and with a light feather duster should keep your light looking clean, otherwise wipe with a damp cloth and remove any moisture with a dry cloth. Gentle furniture polishes can also be used.


We like to keep our sustainably-sourced wood looking and feeling as natural as possible, which is why we use a light, natural oil finish that is non-toxic and easy to look after.

The blend of natural oils can take up to four weeks to harden fully. Because of this, particular care should be taken in the first few weeks after delivery before cleaning, see below. Solid oak may expand and shrink with differences in temperature and humidity so take care not to place your furniture directly next to anywhere with excessive changes in temperature such as radiators and windows.

We recommend placing beverages and plates on coasters and mats. Hot items should be placed on trivets to avoid leaving rings ingrained in the wood.


To clean on a regular basis wipe the surface with a damp cloth before removing any moisture with a dry cloth. Wipe off anything that will stain straight away, eg red wine, balsamic vinegar, oil, tea, coffee, alcohol, etc. In the event of severe spillages and stains the surface can be lightly re-sanded and re-oiled - please talk to us or a professional furniture restorer before doing so.


We use high-quality British wool from Abraham Moon & Sons and regular care of the fabric following their full care guide will maintain its superior look. Our Canary Yellow fabric is from family-owned Linwood Fabrics. We recommend light vacuuming of fabric to remove dirt on a weekly basis, plus cleaning 2-3 times per year to preserve appearance. Commercial settings may require more frequent cleaning. Stains and spills should be cleaned up immediately with a clean cloth following Moon's care guide instructions.


The earthenware element of this range features a hard-wearing glaze on the inside and a unique matte glaze on the outside, known as Engobe. We suggest you clean both the interior and exterior surface by gently wiping away any marks using warm soapy water and a lint free cloth. Once the surface is clean, gently dab dry using a soft, lint free cloth or towel. Any fibres on a cleaning cloth will stick to the outside surface more easily due to its beautiful finish.

Please get in touch to request a wood sample or if you have any questions about caring for your Tom Raffield product.

Posted: 12.01.18
Updated: 25.01.23

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