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Celebrate biophillic design

Discover our exclusive new range of innovative, steam bent indoor planters that celebrate the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and nature. From Ceiling to Wall and Floor Standing designs that summon nature inside, there's something to suit every space.
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Five Ways to Style Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which steam bent mirror is your favourite of them all?
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Update your home office...

Discover a diverse range of wooden and steam bent table lights from Tom Raffield to instantly switch-up your desk or bedside table, including our best selling Hanter, Wheal and Urchin table lamp designs.
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How it all began...

Tom Raffield is one of a new generation of designers and makers, using his craft in innovative and contemporary ways. Leading the charge in sustainable design, he is driven to forge a path to excellence and cause as little environmental impact as possible along the way.
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Skipper Lighting Range

Bold, ebonised black design and our sought-after wooden aesthetic, merged. With confidence in its definitive silhouettes, The Noctis Lighting Range showcases a new focus and brings daring, darker depths to interiors.
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Sustainability at Tom Raffield

With the smallest ecological footprint possible, we forge a path to excellence, crafting the heirlooms of the future whilst protecting the natural world that surrounds us.
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