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The Last Frost

4 April 2024

How to prepare your indoor plants for a summer of success…

Merther bowl

As the last frost of winter fades away, gardeners everywhere eagerly anticipate the arrival of Spring and the opportunity to cultivate their indoor gardens. Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or just beginning your green journey, now is the perfect time to prepare your houseplants, seedlings, and indoor herbs and vegetables for the warmer months ahead.

Assess to Refresh

Start by assessing the health of your existing houseplants. Trim away any dead or damaged leaves and gather plants that have outgrown their containers. Refresh your soil supply with nutrient-rich compost to give your plants a healthy boost.

tom raffield grand designs

Select the right containers

Invest in quality plant pots and containers that promote healthy growth. Ensure they have proper drainage to prevent water-logging and root rot. Consider planet-friendly options, such as recycled plastic sat within sustainable ceramics, to minimise your environmental footprint.

maen pot
The Maen Pot can follow the sun with its convenient portable design.  
merryn floor planter
A statement home for your large houseplants, the Merryn Floor Standing Planter is a natural centrepiece. 

Make sure to also chose the suitable size of plant pot. For the best results, repot your plants into a container that is roughly two inches larger than their current one. This won’t overwhelm your plant with too much room but provides ample room to grow.

Provide adequate light and water

Location is key. From wall planters to tabletop planters, choosing the right planter, in the right spot will ensure it thrives.

maya wall planter
Bring your walls to life with the Maya Wall Planter. 

As we welcome in the longer hours of sunshine, adjust your indoor garden's lighting and watering schedule accordingly. Position sun-loving plants near south-facing windows to maximise natural light exposure, and water plants thoroughly but infrequently to prevent over watering. About once or twice a week in the Spring and Summer is a good baseline to introduce for routine - but research each plant first.

Introduce New Additions

Spring is the perfect time to expand your indoor garden. Visit your local nursery or garden centre to browse a selection of new plants and seedlings. Choose varieties that thrive in indoor environments and complement your existing greenery.

You could even consider hosting a ‘plant swap’ with your friends. You could bring cuttings prime for propagation or plants unsuitable for your home to exchange, whilst catching up with loved ones.

Cultivate Herbs and Vegetables

Why not take your indoor garden to the next level by growing your own tasty herbs and vegetables? Choose easy-to-grow varieties like basil, mint, and cherry tomatoes, and enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting fresh produce from your own home.

maen pot trio
Perfect for budding chefs, or cocktail enthusiasts, the Maen Pot Trio can home three of your favourite herbs. 

Many vegetables, such as Spring onions, Romaine lettuce, and celery can be regrown from their bases by simply placing in water to promote root growth, then re-potted into windowside soil. Sprigs of herbs can be cultivated with a similar process!

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