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Our Bedroom Lighting Lullaby

7 July 2023

Explore our dreamy wooden designs that make bedrooms glow…
tom raffield semper tilow wall light

Sweet dreams are made of soothing illumination and enchanting form. As night falls, the bedroom becomes a sanctuary of solace, where serenity is warmly embraced. The right lighting designs can transform our evening experience, allowing us to usher away any stresses from the day. So, snuggle up and read on to discover lighting designs that will leave you yearning for the perfect bedtime glow… 

Light it right

There are three key types of bedroom lighting that harmonise to create a soothing atmosphere. Creating the perfect balance of these types of lighting will create a space that revitalizes you each morning, whilst soothing you in the evenings.

tom raffield artus pendant
The Artus Pendant transforms bare walls into a wonder, filled with depth and shadows. 

Ambient lighting. Ambient lighting sets the stage for your space, blanketing the room in a soft, diffused glow. This will normally come from your ceiling pendant, so it is important to choose a design that has ample illumination on its own but can also be a strong base for layering lighting designs.

tom raffield urchin table light
Adding playful form to your bedroom space, the Urchin Table Light creates a space that is bustling with character.  
tom raffield raya wall light
Understated, yet chic, the Raya Wall Light cast a boundless glow across your bedroom space. 

Task lighting. As your evening rituals unfold, task lighting becomes your secret weapon. Gentle enough to not strain your eyes, yet bright enough to delve into your favourite book – task lighting is perfect for gloomy evenings. Whether as a bedside lamp, or a small pendant hovering above your favourite spot, task lighting ensures you are met with the ideal level of lighting.

Accent lighting. Accent lighting allows us to create visual interest in our bedroom space. Whether you use a wooden wall light to accentuate your favourite photographs, or your wall is calling out for depth through light and shadow – accent lighting suits. The right accent light guides eyes across your space, without overwhelming.

noctis wheal table light
The bold, ebonised lines of the Noctis Mooring Table Light adds depth and balance to any space. 

Illuminating personality

Whether it's the serene embrace of Japandi, or the bold spirit of maximalism, the shape and design of lighting designs become essential elements in crafting our beautiful bedroom. Choosing the right design allows you to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary that truly reflects you…

Adding out of this world beauty to your bedroom space, the Loer Pendant Small illuminates with a celestial glow. 

Japandi Harmony. The fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity creates the harmonious Japandi style. In these serene bedrooms, light shades with clean lines and organic shapes take centre stage. Inspired by nature, these shades often feature natural materials such as light toned, ash, wood. Their simplicity and understated elegance create a balanced atmosphere, allowing the interplay of light and shadow to showcase the tranquillity at the heart of Japandi-inspired spaces.

Image 1 alt text goes here
A design that suits every room in the house - the Skipper Pendant is a true testament to timeless, versatile design. 
Image 2 alt text goes here
Reflecting calming, coastal forms, the Shore Pendant allows you to set sail into sweet dreams. 

Sculptural Simplicity. Embrace minimalist charm, whilst introducing artistic form, for your bedroom exude a sense of calm and cosiness. Light shades with clean, simple shapes and light toned timber, such as ash or oak, embody this personality perfectly. Designs that showcase the understated beauty of natures forms, whilst diffusing a soft, warm illuminating with create a serene and inviting atmosphere – perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Save on valuable table top space by suspending the Leven Pendant Small bed side. 

Art Deco Opulence. Step into an era of geometric design, and opulence with an Art Deco-inspired bedroom. Structured designs in bold geometric form become works of art themselves. Picture sleek silhouettes, with luxurious finishes. These statement pieces channel the majesty of the Art Deco movement, casting a beautiful glow that adds a touch of extravagance to the space. The balance of light and shadow becomes showstopper – leaving you in awe every waking moment.

Image 1 alt text goes here
Projecting a mesmerising display of vertical light and shadow, the Artus Pendant Small wakes your space up. 
Image 2 alt text goes here
The Arame Wall Light casts energetic, organic, light and shadow across your wall. 


Maximalist Wonderland. For the bold and adventurous souls who thrive in vibrant patterns, eclectic design, and an abundance of styles, a maximalist-inspired bedroom is a haven of creative expression. Light shades that project an energetic display of light and shadow across your room is the perfect place to start. The right lighting design adds drama, playfulness, and a touch of whimsy to the space, transforming it into a maximalist’s utopia. The interplay of light and shade becomes a vibrant, exciting symphony that will inspire creativity.

seya pendant

Posted: 07.07.23
Updated: 02.04.24

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