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Case Study: Bay Bar

6 April 2020

We were recently commissioned to create bespoke wooden cladding to sit alongside our Skipper Pendants at Fistral Beach Hotel’s Bay Bar in Newquay, UK.
Fistral Bay Bar

TR: Tell us a little about the Bay Bar.

FBB: The Bay Bar at the Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa in Newquay is a contemporary space, dedicated to carefree relaxation. Open to all, serving locally roasted coffee alongside classic cocktails and offering a varied menu of fresh locally sourced produce. Exclusively for adults, the relaxed and sociable space is a place to unwind, relax and feel right at home by the beach.

TR: We love the earthy tones you’ve used to decorate the space, can you tell us about the initial design and the inspiration behind it?

FBB: Location was, of course, the main inspiration. It was important to blend in the coastal colours that feature heavily in our natural seaside surroundings to the outside in and blur lines a little. The colour scheme was kept simple to let the wooden panelling, lighting and accessories shine.

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The Skipper Pendant and bespoke wooden cladding add a natural element to the space.
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Green foliage and plants are used to bring the outside in.

TR: Why did you opt for wooden cladding in the bar area?

FBB: The different organic textures and the warm, natural colours gave the space personality. We visited Tom’s workshop and learned about the different types of wood that the team use to create the cladding and also how to care for it. The variations in the tone and texture of the wood work really well in the space and make it feel really calm and elegant. 

Spalted Beech, Ash, Sweet Chestnut and Oak wood cladding provides the perfect backdrop for a weekend cocktail.

Our Harlyn Mirror features a steam bent wooden strap that mimics twisted leather.

TR: The Skipper Pendants, Harlyn Mirror and wooden cladding all work in harmony together, was it important to use natural materials in the project?

FBB: Yes, as a sustainable company we felt that the use of natural elements would sit perfectly in the Bay Bar. Also, with the link between the Fistral Beach Hotel and Gaia Skincarenature is at the forefront of our company’s ethos, so we’re glad that the space reflects this.

TR: Do you have a favourite Tom Raffield product?

FBB: The wooden cladding is definitely our favourite! The knowledge that the Tom Raffield team passed on to us about caring for the wood, their attention to detail and the high quality finish helped us achieve the look and feel that we had envisioned for the Bay Bar.

wooden cladding
The Skipper Pendant and Harlyn Mirror add a focal point to this seating area.

Posted: 06.04.20
Updated: 28.04.20

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