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The Art of Accessorising

29 January 2023

The final flourish…
Tom Raffield accessories

Accessorising your home is a fine balance. Too little and the space has that empty, slightly echoing ‘just moved in’ feel, and too many objects create a crowded, cluttered aesthetic. Incorporating pieces that have both attractive form and versatile function is key to getting things just right. Here’s a roundup of the accessories we think every home shouldn’t be without.

Beeble Pouffe

A Beeble Pouffe is a great way to introduce a pop of colour to any space. Our Beeble has purpose and poise, lending itself it a versatile range of uses in your home. A practical addition to pull up when you have extra guests and find yourself in need of an extra seat. Or simply a luxurious place to put your feet up in the evening.

Tom Raffield beeble pouffe
Be clever with your space. The Beeble Pouffe can be picked up and moved to fit your needs. The ideal, versatile companion for your space.
Tom raffield beeble pouffe
Upholstered in the highest quality, contract grade wool, the Beeble Pouffe is a playful design that provides continuous comfort.

We have selected four neutral toned fabrics as a standard option from Abraham Moon & Sons, however you can make any upholstered Tom Raffield design your own by choosing a bespoke fabric on our website. This is a great easy option if you're seeking to match a new piece with an existing sofa or beloved armchair. Personalise the Beeble Pouffe to make it suit your space.


Tom Raffield Lundy Shelf
Whether you are displaying everyday treasures, a collection of books or dried flowers, a Lundy Shelf provides a strong, open home to proudly display.

Essential for organising the home, shelving is a household necessity. Shelving doesn’t have to be boring and can be used cleverly to enhance your space. Choose a shelving design with a curving aesthetic and free flowing form to introduce a fun and fresh edge to your interior.

Use the organic forms of the Lundy Shelf’s two seamless steam bent twists, to soften your space. If your room is seeking a pop of texture and strength, the Housel Shelf is crafted with a customisable leather strap, with the option of tan, brown or black leather.

Tom Raffield housel shelf with mirror
For added functionality, add a mirror to your Housel Shelf to create a one-stop selfcare station in your bathroom.

Let creativity be your guide when styling open shelving. Putting your carefully curated homeware on full display provides your space with a unique, personal, story. Your new shelf can be used to hold your skincare essentials in your bathroom, or can be placed in your hallway, homing pictures of loved ones. These added layers of décor and detail create an interesting interior, and a space to be proud of.

Tom Raffield harlyn mirror
Playing with steam bent oak to mimic a twisted, leather strap, the Harlyn Mirror is a versatile, sculptural piece that brings your room to life.


Helping to amplify light levels and the feeling of airy space to a room, a mirror is a great trick to have up your accessorising sleeve. Opt for a large, wide design to really showcase the steam bent curves and enjoy the illusion of brightness created. Alternatively, a more compact mirror still packs a punch in smaller spaces - making a good choice for hallways and entrance ways (and also comes in handy for those speedy, running out the door checks!)

A well-placed mirror will balance your space, whilst drawing eyes across your room, enhancing your décor and demanding appreciation.

Tom Raffield tilner mirror
Showcasing the beauty of minimalist design, the Tilner Mirror provides a confident design, worthy of reflection.


Help create a clutter-free home with hooks that do all the tidying work. From bathroom to hallway, hooks can be adorned with towels, umbrellas, outerwear or even used in a kitchen space to hang mugs and other essentials. Hooks can be used in any space, allowing quick and easy organising.

Tom Raffield Tor Twist shelf
Choose our Tor Twist Shelf for a shelf/hook hybrid and reap the benefits of compacted design.
Tom Raffield laris wall hook
With versatility in its nature, the Laris Wall Hook makes every inch of your wall space work hard. Well suited to a wide variety of spaces, the Laris offers multifunctional beauty.

Hooks are not only useful but can be used to enrich your interior and décor style. Hang decorative items alongside your everyday tools on your steam bent hooks to achieve an effortlessly 'lived in' look. 

TomRaffield mawnan planter
The Mawnan Planter looks great hung from a wooden peg and is a great way to add greenery to your home without taking up vital table space.


Add greenery and invite life into your home. Introducing houseplants to your home isn’t just a fad or trend – it has real benefits to your health and surrounding environment. The increased feeling of wellbeing created by looking after and watching plants thrive is important for mental wellness, and can amplify the illusion of comfort in your space. 

Tom Raffield green range indoor planters
Where traditional craftsmanship and innovative design fuse, The Green Range breathes new life.

A selection of rich greenery will stir up feelings of warmth and tranquillity, so make sure your thriving houseplants sit pride of place in a pot that will allow them to shine. Our planters combine organic, natural materials which make for an intuitive choice – choose from ceiling hanging, wall mounted or floor standing to make a statement in any space.

Tom Raffield tor twist shelf

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