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A Renter's Guide To: Wall Lighting

8 July 2022

Discover our top tips to introduce personality to your space with handcrafted renter-friendly lighting that will leave a lasting impression
skipper wireless wall light

Wall lighting is often avoided by renters due to the more involved and sometimes complex installation process. However, you’ll be glad to know that Tom Raffield offers a wide range of no-fuss plug-in-and-go options, handcrafted to bring your walls to life.

Any tenant of a rented property will undoubtedly have stories about the questionable, ancient lighting fixtures that characterise their house. But lighting is key when trying to bring out the best in a rental property, making it feel far more homely and like your own. Instead of putting your energy into ignoring the dull, uninspiring fittings, invest your time introducing high quality, characterful lighting designs to add personality to your home (that you can take with you when you move out and enjoy for years to come).

tom raffield noctis hanter wall light
Give your space the task lighting it deserves with the Noctis Hanter Wall Light.

Before you begin the hunt for the perfect light fitting, dig out your contract. Most landlords won’t mind a couple of holes in the wall through your tenancy, as long as they are filled in once you leave, but it's always worth checking your contract to ensure you are permitted to use screws in your flat – you don’t want to lose your deposit! Explore our favourite plug-in wall lights below…

Location, location

Be thoughtful about the placement of your new wall lights. It’s best to equally space your light sources through your home in pairs or even numbers, creating a harmonious illumination. You’ll also want to avoid placing the lights at exact eye-level, so you don’t get dazzled by any exposed light bulbs.

raya wall light
The Raya Wall Light casts a soothing illumination throughout your bedroom space.
verso wireless wall large
The Verso Wireless Wall Light is perfect for spaces are in need of versatile wall and table lighting, but are lacking in space. 

You must also consider the purpose of your new light. Is it too illuminate a dark, compact room? Cast a spotlight on your favourite décor pieces? Add to your gallery of wall art?

Optimise natural light

Don’t forget about the most important form of light – the natural rays filtering through your windows. Observe how the daylight moves across your space throughout the day and make a note of the darker areas that need some help. Also head to the corners of your space and spots that are away from a window to provide extra light for optimum impact. To maximise the natural flow of light, make sure no bulky furniture or décor pieces are blocking lights path.

semper small tilow wall light
Enhance with beams to light exactly where you need it, with the portable Skipper Wireless Wall Light

A well-placed mirror can do wonders to make your room seem bigger and brighter. Place across from your window or main light source and light will be reflected around your space, making a more welcoming space.

stem wall light
The perfect marriage of timeless form and nature's hues, the Stem Wall Light can illuminate any gloomy corner with ease.

Shadow seeking

When adding accent lighting to your space, consider the shadows cast by your desired light shade. Will they be dramatic? Directional? Or subtle? Well-chosen shadows can add extra charm, especially for those darker evenings. Clever shadows can also help create different zones or moods in your space. Perfect for rented spaces that can’t introduce building work to section your space.

You can still achieve your maximalist oasis in a renter-friendly way. Beautiful shadows can liven up walls that are painted in neutral colours often favoured by landlords.

artus - stem wall light
Invite awe. The Artus X-Small - Stem Wall Light striking design casts a mesmerising display of light and shadow across your space.
skipper small tilow wall light
The Skipper X-Small - Stem Wall Light is well suited to enhancing your comfy living room or bedroom corners with scandi inspired design.

Posted: 08.07.22
Updated: 10.07.24

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