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Spotlight on: Upholstered Furniture Designs

21 January 2022

Sustainable, hardwearing and a rainbow of choice…
Tom Raffield Arbor Sofa

Upholstered pieces make a beautiful, bold statement in any home - and let's face it - are also essential to providing us comfort. Carefully curated furnished seating designs add focal points to interiors and can help tie your décor style together.

Sustainably sourced fabrics not only feel great, but help protect our planet. Both Abraham Moon & Son and Kvadrat (who supply our hardwearing fabrics) consciously craft a colourful array of woollen fabrics that can be used to upholster any of our armchairs, sofas or seating designs. Our upholstery colours have been carefully considered to suit a wide range of interior styles; however, any combination is possible. Read on to discover more about our upholstered seating collection and how its designs are guaranteed to stand the test of time….

Tom Raffield Grand Designs home

Abraham Moon & Sons ensure each free range sheep is healthy, pasture fed and is cared for under strict animal welfare codes. Their historical vertical mill, based in Yorkshire, make extraordinary efforts to ensure the planet is protected.  Every step in producing their natural wool focuses on a zero waste policy, with a range of commitments considered at each stage of production. 

Kvadrat’s fully transparent sustainable efforts have allowed them to be part of the United Nations Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Kvadrat work tirelessly to use sustainable packaging, whilst redefining the uses of typical end of life textiles – ensuring “waste” is never wasted.

Tom raffield beeble

Beeble Pouffe

With versatility at its core, the Beeble Pouffe offers a range of interior solutions. A resting place for weary feat, or an extra seat for when hosting guests, the Beeble Pouffe can easily be picked up and moved around the home. Perfect when paired with your favourite armchair, this duo creates a relaxing sanctuary for you to put your feet up and read your favourite book.

Furling steam bent oak takes a temptingly curved macaron-like form, featuring a leather handle detail, the Beeble Pouffe compliments any room.

Tom Raffield Arbor Armchair

Arbor Armchair

Crafted to last a lifetime, the Arbor Armchair marries Tom Raffield craftsmanship with Danish design principles. Demanding the attention of three skilled makers, the Arbor Armchair allows you to feel the expert craftsmanship of ergonomic comfort beneath your fingers.

Tom Raffield Arbor Armchairs
Tom Raffield Armchair details

Handmade using a range of carefully considered joints, the Arbor Range’s strength is found within. Each chair or sofa is seamlessly connected internally with beech wood domino joints, to provide a robust construction. Every joint is then secured with screws to ensure maximum support for those that rest on them.

Arbor Sofa

Tom Raffield Arbor sofa

As trends move and seasons change, the Arbor Sofa remains a well suited design  with its minimal simplicity but powerful form.

Timelessly crafted, the Arbor Sofa is an investment piece guaranteed to last for decades to come. Designed with a focus on producing unparalleled comfort for your home, the Arbor Range is available in our four main colourways, plus a wide range of bespoke fabrics to suit your home. 

Posted: 21.01.22
Updated: 29.09.22

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