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Case Study: Coal

1 June 2018

We caught up with Emily Reilly from COAL - an Architecture and Interior Design Studio based in Cornwall - to chat about her favourite Tom Raffield lights and how they enhance her clients interior design projects.

Tom Raffield and Coal
Giant Walnut Skipper Pendants featuring in Coal's Woodland Barn project

We caught up with Emily Reilly, Interior Designer at COAL, to discuss why she chose the Tom Raffield Giant Skipper Pendants to be a part of her 'Woodland Barn' project.


TR: Talk us through your original project brief...

ER: "To transform a vast cold barn into an intimate, warmer and more accessible home. We set out to create a cosier space by experimenting with proportion, layout and colour. Rather than fighting the scale and light of the interior, our concept focused on a darker colour palette to help the space feel cocooning, glamorous and flattering".


TR: Why did you choose Tom Raffield lighting?

ER: "We chose Tom Raffield lighting because of the wonderful effect that the pendants give off, the shadows create and add an extra layer of depth and interest to the space. We also chose the fittings due to their huge scale - they really filled the high ceiling space with dramatic effect. We obviously also love the fact that Tom is a fellow local Cornish designer!"

Tom Raffield Skipper
Tom Raffield Giant Skipper Pendants in Walnut

TR: How do the Walnut Skipper Pendants enhance your interiors?

ER: "The Skipper Pendant Giants in the walnut wood match the lovely walnut floor boards that we used in the living room - the pendants size also help make the proportions of the room feel more intimate and cocooning. The balancing effect of the light and the shadows within the space is also very flattering".


TR: Which Tom Raffield fitting is your favourite?

ER: "I guess it has to be the Giant Skipper Pendant.. but I've also got my eye on your new Green Range planters".

Photo credits: COAL

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