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Tom Raffield X Institute of Physics

Over two hundred and ninety-seven meters of solid steam bent oak went into creating a bespoke reception desk for the Institute of Physics.


The Tom Raffield team were commissioned to design and make a unique sculptural reception desk for the Institute of Physics'  sustainably designed headquarters in King's Cross.

Using sustainable materials and mixing traditional crafts with a pioneering steam bending technique, our design bonds form and function to create a bespoke installation in the new building's entrance.

"Partnering with the Institute of Physics was an opportunity we instantly knew was unmissable. The new building is the perfect place to showcase our creativity, sustainable ethos and unique steam bending technique as well as integrating nature into workspaces to promote health and wellbeing. We are looking forward to seeing it come to life and hope the team enjoy using it as much as we did making it!"

- Founder, Tom Raffield.
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