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What makes a Tom Raffield design iconic?

10 March 2022

The credentials that make our homeware one-of-a-kind...

tom raffield workshop

Iconic design is recognisable and memorable in all its forms. From the first click to our website, to gazing at the new wooden wonder in your home, your Tom Raffield journey should be effortless yet luxurious. We explore why our wooden works of art are unmistakably iconic…


We seek excellence throughout each and every moment here at Tom Raffield. From ensuring we only use the highest quality materials to investing in our skilled team, allowing them to craft heirlooms of the future. To provide quality artisanship in every piece that comes out of our Cornish workshop, we devote ourselves to providing the very best training and tooling.

tom raffield workshop

Working with trusted suppliers we forge excellent relationships ensuring quality flows through every step of the process, albeit purchasing goods or hand finishing a design. From the timber in our lighting pieces and solid wood in our steam bent furniture range, to the Japanese silk used to create our spectacular Flock Chandelier, every sustainable material we use in our craft is of the highest quality.

tom raffield workshop tools
The tools of the trade. The workshop is equipped with a wide array of tools to aid the team in crafting each high quality wooden design.
tom raffield workshop
Down to the detail, each handcrafted piece is perfected before leaving our Cornish workshops.

Curved Aesthetic

Heavily inspired by the organic forms and natural sequences found in our Cornish surrounding, wooden curves can be found in every design we craft. Peeling petals of timber, hidden 3D twists and functioning steam bent folds make up our homeware designs – making it easy to spot a Tom Raffield original.

to raffield branding
Each piece of homeware we create is branded with our signature ‘TR’ seal of approval - giving you peace of mind that you have ownership of an iconic, original design.


Working hard to protect their craft, our workshop teams produce our lighting and homeware with the utmost care and attention. We have two talented workshops and a dedicated team of finishers that assemble, buff, polish, and refine each design before it leaves our Cornish HQ.

tom raffield steam bending
Each steam bent twist created produces unique and breath taking results.

Akin to how no tree is ever the same, each nature-inspired piece is unique. The wood grain may differ, or the overall design may have a lighter or darker shade, but these qualities are what give our pieces their character – making each piece very special.

Sustainable Credentials

We strive to make an impact, without having an impact on our planet. Everything produced by the Tom Raffield team is handcrafted at our BREEAM Excellent workshop, using only responsibly sourced wood. Renewable energy is sourced from solar panels on the Tom Raffield workshop and any additional energy used comes from a 100% renewable supplier who invest in future technologies.

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Time consuming, a little unpredictable and labour-intensive, steam bending tends not to be commercially viable for large-scale production. However, this low energy and ecological method of manipulating wood reaps beautiful, memorable results that don't cost the earth. It doesn't end there - all our packaging is designed in-house which ensures that each and every box we dispatch is considered, secure and traceable back to its source.


We have refined our processes to ensure our customer experience is always exceptional – we pride ourselves on the feedback given by our devoted customers and always hope to strive for the absolute best. From offering a free and simple 14 day returns policy, to our Lifetime Guarantee, and even showcasing our designs in our Cornish showroom (so you can see our designs in person before ordering), we will always go above and beyond to do everything we can to provide a special experience for you.

Posted: 10.03.22
Updated: 28.02.23

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