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Ten New Year's Resolutions for your home

19 December 2018

We caught up with our co-founder Tom, to find out his practical new year's resolutions for the home.

With the new year approaching there's no better time to set in place some goals for the year ahead. We sat down with Tom to find out the practical ways he'll be updating and enjoying his home in 2019. 

Here's the round up....

Green Range
Summon nature inside, transform space. Where traditional craftsmanship and innovative design fuse, The Green Range breathes new life.

1. Bring the outside in

TR: It's been a revelation for us to have pockets of green, living plants inside our home, especially during the darker, winter months. It makes such a positive difference to your mood, air quality and interior aesthetic. House plants no longer have to sit in plastic tubs propped up against a wall there are so many beautiful alternatives now - our Green Range, which celebrates craftsmanship and nature combined, is a good place to start.

2. Create natural light

TR: This is so important. Even if it is in just one area of your home, fill it with daylight and don’t include any artificial lighting. Having a view of the outdoors with lots of natural light helps me focus, relax and be happy in my surroundings.

Steam bent, ergonomic design: The Arbor Armchair.
Simplicity and our statement aesthetic combine in our Skipper Pendant.

3. Invest in quality pieces

TR: Purchasing fashionable ‘of the moment’ home accessories and furnishings can seem appealing, especially due to the low-price points. However, these mass-produced products lack quality and craftsmanship, as they are cheaply made, and can have a disastrous effect on our planet. Opt for the 'less is more' motto. Investing in quality pieces which tell a story and are full of meaning can add so much depth and happiness to your space and life. Look for handmade pieces, or products made with natural materials and interesting processes.

4. Go plastic free

TR: This is something we’ve been working towards for a while now, both at home and in the workplace, and it’s really satisfying. Sometimes it really isn’t easy but it’s worth the effort. Whether it’s buying fresh food from a local farmer’s market to reduce waste, taking your own bags shopping, buying re-fillable toiletries or, using only natural cleaning products, it all makes a big difference.

Old and new collide in Tom and Danielle's gamekeeper's lodge living space.

5. Showcase sentimental objects

"I never used to understand or appreciate the value of a vase or ornament which did not quite fit in with the decoration of a room... but now I get it!"

It’s easy to hide the pieces away that don’t quite work with your colour scheme or minimal aesthetic but instead we should be celebrating them. These special pieces are less about looking good and more about memories or stories. This is really important because if you want a space to relate to you, you should fill it with personal objects. Pretty much everything in our house has meaning to us in some way… whether it is a steam bent chair I’ve made or a piece of locally made pottery.

stem wall lights
Our Stem Wall Lights create a cosy, relaxed ambience perfect for reading.
Mooring Table Light
Our stylish and compact Mooring Table Light with Grey Flex makes the perfect side table companion.

6. Play with functional lighting

TR: Creating layers of multi-task lighting works wonders as you will always require something different from your space. We have different types of lighting purposed for varying activities in our home. For example, overhead pendant lights for cooking and activities that require concentration, table lighting for reading and wall lighting for ambient, atmospheric glow.

7. Use natural materials

TR: We have three children and spend a lot of time on the floor playing with them - we use lots of cushions, pouffes and soft furnishings such as sheepskins and blankets. Not only does this help create a softer, more tactile interior visually, but it also makes it a more cosy and fun space to be in.

8. Get cosy

TR: We have a wood burner in our living space which we love to light over the winter. In fact, we appreciate this space so much that we have taken our TV out of that room and find it far more enjoyable to just to relax in front of the fire.

A rare glimpse of dark grey in the Grand Designs home kitchen breaks up walls of neutral wood or white.

9. Use colour to influence your mood

TR: With the resurgence of the Maximalism trend promising to be big in the interior design world next year, now is a good time to consider how you can bring this style into your own space, albeit in a subtle way! We are looking to paint one of our interior walls in a bold colour, which is quite a statement for us as the rest of the house is wood! This is a prime example of how you can update your space easily and not get carried away with spending lots of money.

10. Get creative

TR: One of my resolutions for 2019 is to try new things. I’ve always wanted to learn how to throw pottery and I think this is going to be my year! We spend a lot of time getting crafty with the kids who love drawing, painting and moulding with play dough, but I think it’s important to make time for our creativity too!

Posted: 19.12.18
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