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The Rise of Maximalism

18 October 2018

Be subtle or bold – the choice is yours.
noctis urchin

Mid-century modern, Scandinavian and minimalist design trends have been hugely popular over the last few years with pared-back style being celebrated in homes worldwide. We’ve seen muted colour palettes, simplistic natural shapes and raw, organic materials at the top of interior wish lists – and guess what? Minimalism isn’t leaving the spotlight any time soon.

But with the change in season now upon us we’re excited to see the rise of the next big design trend on the horizon: Maximalism.

Maximalist interiors are renown for being bold, daring and playful. Prints clash, textures are layered and experimental, colours are vibrant and call out for attention. The desired effect is tasteful, balanced and masterful. Not loud and garish. When done well, Maximalism showcases personal style and creative flair.

If you’re looking to embrace a new trend for the new season, then look no further. We’ve put together five easy ways to incorporate Maximalism into your home.

Our new Noctis Wheal Floor Light and Noctis Wheal Table Light against Vardo #288 backdrop by Farrow and Ball.
Hanter Wall Lights in Oak make a statement against a regal blue accent wall
Hanter Wall Lights in Oak make a statement against a regal blue accent wall.

A dash of colour

Painting your interior walls (whether it’s an accent wall or an entire room) is the most obvious and easiest way to quickly achieve an updated Maximalist décor.

Saturate your space with a few well-chosen tones that complement each other and blend seamlessly with your existing colour palette to create a bold, statement look. Experiment with clashing primary, secondary or analogous colours, or stick to monochromes to create a ‘grown-up’ focal point. We love the luxurious look achieved by pairing rich, royal blues and vivid teals together (as seen above).

Shop the look: (Left image, from left) Noctis Wheal Floor Light, Noctis Wheal Table Light and Crib Console Table. (Right image) Hanter Wall Light in Oak.

A Maximalist set up at the Decorex Trade Show 2016.

One is simply not enough

Whilst Minimalism plays on empty, open space Maximalism is all about excess. Adding repetition to your space is another brilliant way to play on the Maximalism trend.

The aim here is to duplicate shapes and materials without overdoing it and cluttering your space! Hanging multiple fittings in a variety of sizes and colours is a great way to add interest to your space. We’ve suspended our ash, oak and walnut Urchin Pendants in small, standard and large sizes in the photograph above to create a custom, feature lighting display.

Shop the look: (Above image, from left) Gwelsen Screen, Amble Hanging Seat, Urchin Pendant in Oak, Urchin Pendant in Walnut, Urchin Pendant Small in Ash, Urchin Pendant Small in Oak, Harlyn Mirror, Crib Console Table, Wheal Table Light, Large Scots Pendant in Oak, Scots Pendant in Oak. (Below left image) Arame Wall Lights in Oak and Walnut. (Below, right image) Urchin Pendant in Walnut.

Our Arame Wall Lights produce boundless shadows that unfurl, pirouette and tumble in kaleidoscopic tessellation to create an extraordinary spectacle in your space.

Our Urchin Pendants look brilliant in repetition - customise the drop height of the pendant flex to create a lighting look that's truly your own.
Mid-century style patterned rugs and graphic art pieces are a good way to accessorise a living space.

Throw in some pattern

The key to trying out maximalist pattern combinations is to start small and be subtle. Cushions, throws or even decorative crockery pieces are a good place to start.

Pattern is a great way to amp up the style of a space but it’s all too easy to get carried away with busy, clashing prints. The best way to avoid creating a gaudy interior is to layer similar patterns in different sizes together, or, to mix patterned, duo-textured materials. Start low-key by choosing a rug with bright geometric shapes like we have styled in our Modum Range photoshoot (photographed above) to add a touch of Maximalism without going overboard.

Shop the look: (Above, from left) Arbor Armchair in Cobalt Blue, Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant, Beeble Pouffe in bespoke fabric. (Below, from left) Arame Pendant in Ash, Arame Pendant in Walnut.

We've styled our Arame Pendants with a geometric rug to compliment the intricate patterns found in the shade.

Layer contrasting textures

Now dare to be bold...playing around with textures in our homes is something we’re all familiar with.

We tend to re-evaluate textures seasonally depending on the weather and of course, our mood. Updating your interior with some more luxurious textures is an easy way to add opulence and celebrate the maximalist trend. Whether it's soft, metallic, suede-like, fluffy, woven or glossy, swapping in new textures to a space adds instant interest and can be a lot of fun. Our new Noctis Giant Flock Chandelier (above) features ninety-nine steam bent curlicues of matte, ebonised tulip wood and twists of reflective, golden brass and creates a striking effect whether switched on or off.

"Texture takes Maximalism to the next level by mixing visual and tactile diversity".

- Heals.

Shop the look: (Left, from left) Crib Upholstered Bench in Bespoke fabric, Noctis Giant Flock Chandelier. (Right, from left) Arbor Armchair in Grey, Taffrail, Crib Bench, Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter, Merryn Floor Standing Planter in Oak, May Coffee Table, Wheal Floor Light.

Sheepskin, wool, metallic brass and leather make for playful textures.
Behind the scenes at our Green Range photo shoot.

Play with shadow and light

A few statement lighting pieces make for a truly maximalist space. Look for fittings that have interesting and unusual aesthetic and that throw transfixing shadows across your room.

Choosing ‘wow factor’ lighting will always spark conversation and will ensure your interior is remembered for all the right reasons. Our Skipper Pendants, whilst being inspired by minimalist, Scandi style really pack a punch when illuminated and cast shadows of the most maximal kind…

Shop the look: (Below, from left) Skipper Pendant in Oak. (Below, from right) Arbor Armchair in Canary Yellow and Cobalt Blue, Skipper Floor Light in Walnut.

The Skipper Pendant is handcrafted from sustainable ash, oak or walnut and shaped to create an open light that casts out and up, in a bright, bold contrast of light and shadow.
Achieve impact with a lighter touch. Embrace simplicity. Make a statement in your space.

If you’re a little hesitant about incorporating colours and patterns into your home just remember the most important thing is to keep your choices personal to you. Shake things up using accessories and tones you feel confident you will still love in years to come; your preferences define your own creative style.

Posted: 18.10.18
Updated: 16.04.21

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