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This Friday is just like any other...

Our planet needs us to make things last, that’s why we create high quality products that stand the test of time.


Here's why we're not entering the Black Friday battle to be the cheapest...

Over consumption has a negative impact on the planet, so this Black Friday only buy what you need, seek out good quality handmade products that will last a long time, shop from independent businesses and in turn help us all benefit from a healthy environment. 

We come to work each day to build products that stand the test of time and push back against modern throwaway culture. 

We design to inspire. We build to last. 

Just handcrafted design, valued heritage and an understanding that every experiment holds the key to a new way of doing things.

No chemicals. No additives. No production line.

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We believe in...


Here at Tom Raffield, details count. We work tirelessly until every ratio, line, weight and curve is just right. Crafting the heirlooms of the future, we’re committed to making pieces that are used, loved, and will last over a lifetime. Exemplary design and craftsmanship calls for time, skill and dedication that’s why our products are special investment pieces.


We make decisions based on what’s best for people and the planet, as well as our business. We find suppliers whose ethics match our own and who are reliable, responsible and passionate. From big to very very small, each company we choose to work with shares our ethos and passion for what they do. Our efficient design processes mean that no scrap of wood is left behind, either cleverly woven into other pieces, used in our wood burner to keep our showroom warm or, donated to local craftsmen and women to be recycled into other products.

Making an impact without having an impact. It’s in our nature.
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