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Binding our people, our process and our products

Trees at Tom Raffield
Great design is about more than creating thoughtfully crafted pieces, it’s about considering the ecological impact at each and every step in the design journey.
It’s forging strong relationships, seeking the route with the smallest footprint, contributing to the community and constantly considering the world around us. At Tom Raffield, sustainability is a way of being.
Close-up of a tree, looking up the trunk to the canopy

Sustainably sourced timber

From branch to bench and trunk to table, wood is at the heart of everything we do – so we want to make sure we source it the right way. We’re committed to using sustainably sourced timber from responsibly managed forests, weighing up credentials, carbon footprints and woodland techniques to inform what we buy and where.

Built to last, with nothing wasted

Crafting the heirlooms of the future, we’re committed to making pieces that are used, loved, and stand the test of time. Our efficient design processes also mean that no scrap of wood is left behind, either cleverly woven into other pieces, or used in our wood burner to keep our showroom warm.

Reducing our impact

Low is the right way to go when it comes to the energy needed to make our products. Drawing on techniques that are altogether friendlier towards the environment, like natural air-drying and steam bending our timber, we’re able to lessen our impact on the very thing that inspires us – the natural world.

People and places

Beyond our workshop, we’re working closely with colleges and universities in Cornwall to nurture talent and keep it local. Investing in apprenticeships and internships, we’re building a new generation of skilled designers and craftspeople who share our ethos and are committed to doing things well.

At every point in our process we are driven by longevity, responsibility, and doing what’s right.

The Tom Raffield woodland workshop – a log cabin in the woods.
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