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Grab And Go Hallway Storage Solutions

23 March 2023

Our top five additions to hardworking hallways…
tom raffield mylor bowl

From bustling mornings, to relaxing evenings, entranceways carry the tone of your home through your space. Often a place where items are dumped as hectic mornings unfold, hallways are a tricky interior to decorate – too empty and your hallway will seem dull and cold, whilst full can feel overwhelming. Revolutionise your hallway with clever storage solutions!

Meru Trio Peg Rail

Keys, dog leads, or reusable shopping bags – the Meru Trio Peg Rail puts your essentials in easy reach. Three loops of leather are secured with wooden, brass tipped, pegs to provide an array of storage uses. The slim profile makes for a handy companion to compact entrance ways or as a helping hand to large spaces in need of extra storage.

Meru Trio Peg Rail
The Meru Trio Peg Rail can hold your favourite décor pieces with pride. 
Meru Trio Peg Rail
Down to the details, the Meru Trio Peg Rail is crafted to stand the test of time. 

Burgh Coat Hook

Classic hallway storage, with a twist. The Burgh Coat Hook can hold a multitude of outerwear and essentials with ease. With six handy hooks on a strip of steam bent ash, the Burgh’s versatility lays within its purposefully minimalist design. The slim profile makes it a perfect addition to entranceways or as additional storage for towels and dressing gowns if your compact bathroom has limited space.

tom raffield burgh coat hook
A wooden wonder for your wall. The Burgh Coat Hook showcases the beauty of sustainably sourced ash wood. 

Esun Shelf with Mirror

Last minute outfit checks or resting place for your grab and go essentials – the Esun Shelf with Mirror offers a solution for both! Minimalist in design, the Esun seamlessly suits any interior style, whether dressed up or down. A well placed mirror will reflect natural light across your space to make it feel bigger and brighter, setting a positive tone for your home. Hallway storage doesn’t start and end by entranceways, add maximum functionality to the hallway space outside your bedroom with this handy, and beautiful, design.

Esun Shelf with Mirror
Adding asymmetrical beauty to any space, the Esun Shelf with Mirror invites a moment of pause. 
Esun Shelf with Mirror
Swooping to create it's iconic curves, the steam bent form of the Esun Shelf with Mirror is a statement addition to any home. 

Twill Coat Stand

A helping hand in every season, the Twill Coat Stand is a striking home for your outerwear. Place in your reception area or hallway for to keep, British weather ready, raincoats contained in one area. Whether layered with hats, gloves and scarves, light summery layers, or simply left bare, the Twill will always look extraordinary.

Twill Coat Stand
The Twill Coat Stand is a styling and practical addition to your entranceway. 

Mylor Bowl

Whether it’s a place to quickly grab your wallet and keys from on busy mornings or a home for your thriving houseplant, the Mylor Bowl adds beautiful functionality to your hallways console table. Adjustable upon a sustainably sourced oak base, the Mylor Bowl can be angled to showcase it’s contents with pride. Perfect for ever changing hallways.

mylor bowl
Add a fresh pop of greenery to your hallways with a flourishing houseplant in the Mylor Bowl. 

Posted: 23.03.23
Updated: 03.04.23

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