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Make an Entrance: Hallway and Stairway Lighting

11 November 2021

First things first...
Tom Raffield Leven Pendant small
Casting warm downlighting through your space, the Leven Pendant Small is striking in clusters, or alone.

There is no better feeling than getting home after a long day or a night out - so ensuring the first space you step foot in feels welcoming is key. Hallways are often overlooked and can be tricky to illuminate, with most being windowless and awkwardly shaped. However, when thoughtfully considered, a beautifully lit hallway makes for a cosy entrance and seamless exit. Keep reading to discover ideas on how to transform your hallway in the flick of a switch (no matter the ceiling height, or size).

Pendant Lighting

Tom Raffield no. 1 Pednant
Creating a dramatic focal point in @chapelhousepz stair way, the No. 1 Pendant adds texture and form to the high ceiling space.

Reclaim your hallway with unique pendant designs. Perfect for dark hallways or stairways with high ceilings, a pendant light creates a statement whilst also providing practical, bright illumination. Opt for a pendant with a fully, or partially, exposed bulb which will yield a high lumen output and create excellent downlighting.

TR tip: Suspend your pendant as low as you can (being sure to calculate the required space needed to avoid forehead bumps), to make your hallway look more inviting and homely.

Our favourite designs include…

Tom Raffield skipper pendant
The Skipper Pendant warms this stairway by @fields_of_architecture with its sustainably sourced walnut tones.
Tom Raffield arame pendant
The Arame Pendant creates a bold focal point in this entranceway from @badenbarn, drawing eyes up through the interior.

Wall Lighting

Wall lighting is great for highlighting specific interior features, or alighting those tricky, dark corners or alcoves in your hallway. Although often an afterthought, wall lighting doesn’t have to be purely practical – in the daytime, wall lighting can double as beautiful wall art. Choose a design that will emanate a good amount of light to illuminate your space, whilst adding emphasis to your décor.

If space is at a premium, you may consider a wall light that sits flush. This will create the effect of up-lighting and down-lighting in equal measure, helping to balance the atmosphere in your home.

TR tip: If your hallway or stairway is full of long lines and visually harsh edges, introduce an organic shape or form to create some contrast.

Tom Raffield neap wall light
Mirroring the artistic style and wooden tones found in @bertandmay’s hallway, the Neap Wall Light suits this area perfectly, whilst standing out.
tom raffield stem wall light
Illuminating the feature table in @nicolaomara_interiordesign's space when switched on, and framing the space when switched off, the duo of Stem Wall Lights tie this entranceway together perfectly.

Chandeliers and Cluster Lighting

Tom Raffield Flock Chandelier
Create a “wow” moment in your home with the Flock Chandelier. Well placed to fill the space in @ruralgites’s interior, the Flock is a spectacle inviting a second look (and a third and fourth…)

Dazzle your guests with a high impact lighting design. Crafted to suit double height spaces, atriums and stairways, chandeliers always make a memorable statement. Make the most of having a spacious interior and incorporate a real show-stopping centrepiece to illuminate your home. Embrace the shape and height of your home and fill it with bold forms and a welcoming glow.

If opting for a cluster lighting design, hang each shade at varying heights, truly showcasing the wonder of your space whilst creating a confident focal point.

Our favourites include…

Tom raffield Skipper Cluster
The Skipper adds organic forms to this entranceway wonderfully, whilst enhancing the other subtle touches of deep wooden tones, adding warm layers to this interior by @oaktreelodge2020.
Tom Raffield Kern Pendant
A modern, minimalist take on the traditional chandelier, the Kern Pendant will fill your hallways with an interrupted glow, perfect for setting the tone for your space.

Flush Lighting

A great solution for low-ceiling height stairways and hallways where a pendant design won’t fit or suit. Flush lighting designs pack all the punch of our standard pieces, on a smaller, more compact scale. Paired with a pendant found in the same lighting collection, a flush design will enhance your illumination and desired décor style without drawing away from your focal point.

TR tip: Place a flush design above your door for an instantly welcoming spotlight as you arrive home.

Choose from an array of our bestselling designs…

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