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A good night's sleep…

17 September 2020

Our tips on designing your bedroom for a better night’s sleep.


Everyone needs a good nights sleep. A restful night is often the difference between approaching the next morning with vigour or dragging your heels through the day. With many of us heading back to work and school and jump starting our bodies into a set routine, you wouldn't be alone in struggling to readjust your body clock.

Fortunately, refreshing your bedroom to become a relaxing haven is a great way to help improve the quality of your sleep and give you the energy you need to be at your best. Here are our tips on how to do it...

GD house
We spend about a third of our lives sleeping; make sure you do it in style.

Choose the right colour

As humans we are incredibly sensitive to colour, with different shades scientifically proven to affect our outlook, moods and emotions. That's why colour in a bedroom should be carefully considered...

Exposure to blue tones and neutrals, for example, has been said to evoke emotive calm - lowering the blood pressure and heart rate of many individuals over a prolonged duration. The use of deep reds, purples, blacks and other dark tones in a bedroom have been correlated to increased stress levels, which in turn have a detrimental affect on getting a good nights sleep.

TR tip: Opt for soft, neutral and timeless shades to improve sleeping patterns and aid your body's natural circadian rhythms.

yellow chair
Light grey walls and white bed linen help create a calming sense of space, whilst our Arbor Armchair adds a subtle pop of colour upholstered in contract grade, mustard yellow wool fabric.
A wooden panelled wall brings a biophilic, natural aesthetic to this well-organised bedroom space featuring our compact Tilner Mirror.


Tidy home, tidy mind. We're all guilty of allowing clutter to build up in our homes, but bedrooms seem to be a hot spot. Whether its laundry, laptops from a work-from-home set up, or a hoard of relegated blankets and pillows from the bed, keeping surfaces clear can be tricky when we're asking our space to multitask and work hard for us. 

Reducing the number of possessions that live in your bedroom and opting for a more minimalist interior is a great way to make your bedroom more sleep-focused. Opt for under-bed storage baskets, intuitive shelving options and multipurpose designs to help eliminate clutter and create a sense of space. 

TR tip: Our handcrafted ash accessories are designed to reduce clutter in your space, marrying minimalist design with high-quality, sustainable materials.

A contemporary and versatile addition to any space, the fluid form of the Lundy Shelf showcases our skilled craftsmanship and unique steam bending technique.
Housel Shelf. A solid wooden shelf nestles within a flowing steam bent hoop, creating a practical space to display and organise your favourite pieces.
Producing defined funnels of diffused down light, our Keel Pendant invites opportunity and looks particularly effective suspended in clusters.

Light it right

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a well-designed bedroom. As it is likely that your bedroom will be lit by artificial light immediately before you go to bed, the type of lighting you choose can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep.

Avoid fluorescent or overly bright lights, as these can increase brain activity which makes it harder to switch off when the time comes for sleep. Switching off phones and avoiding looking at screens before bedtime is also essential for a better quality night sleep.

TR tip: Our handcrafted lighting designs are compatible with inline dimmer switches – turning the lights down low to create a soft ambience before bedtime can help you wind down and get to sleep easier.

Image 1 alt text goes here
A taut, arching crescent of sustainably sourced oak shoulders a decorative LED bulb. Strong and sleek, the Archer Table Light emanates paired back elegance whilst producing ambient task lighting, perfect for a bedroom setting.
GD house
An array of steam bent lighting designs illuminate the main bedroom of the Grand Designs Home. From left: Scots Pendant, No.1 Giant Pendant, Helix Pendant.

Add soft furnishings

Sometimes nodding off in the first instance is the biggest barrier to a good night’s sleep. There are few things more frustrating than tossing and turning in an uncomfortable bed, unable to drop off. Surrounding yourself with soft furnishings is a great way to create a sleep paradise that will help you drift off. 

TR tip: Our Arbor Armchair, Arbor Sofa and Upholstered Crib Bench are luxuriously upholstered for ultimate comfort. For the finishing touch, try our Celtic Sheepskin or Dartmoor Shepherd Sheepskin to ensure maximum relaxation.

Intuitive, dynamic, versatile. Our Beeble Pouffe's playful design means it can be picked up and moved around to offer seating in response to a myriad of spaces.
Our collection of Sheepskin Rugs add a soft, luxurious feel to hardwood furniture pieces such as our Crib Bench.
Multi-functional and portable by design, the Mawnan Planter can be situated in a table-top position or hung by its braided rope to display trailing indoor houseplants.

Go green

Green is a colour that has been shown to inspire calm, tranquillity and reduce stress levels. The rise of biophilic interior design has documented the wide range of health perks that plants yield; benefits include improved mood, purer air and even an increase in productivity. It's no surprise that adding a few leafy friends to your bedroom will aid sleep.

TR tip: If you want to keep an uncluttered, minimalist interior but still surround yourself with houseplants, our Green Range is the perfect fit. Sleek, steam bent wood meets handcrafted ceramics, inviting the opportunity to create art from your plant display. Our brand new Mawnan Planter can be suspended above a bedside table to save space, while our Merryn Floor Standing Planter Tall is the perfect place to display larger, statement plants.





The Green Range

Discover our exclusive new range of innovative, steam bent indoor planters that celebrate the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and nature. From Ceiling to Wall and Floor Standing designs that summon nature inside, there's something to suit every space.

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