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Nature’s Palette: Restful Retreat

14 May 2020

A nature-inspired palette is one of spring's key interior trends, while quality craftsmanship reflects our growing desire for design that lasts.


Did you know that surrounding ourselves with organic materials, textures and tones that simulate the natural world outside can help us to feel relaxed and soothed in our homes? Creating a calming haven by incorporating elements inspired by the natural world is easier than you think, and brings a wealth of benefits.

Here’s how we’ll be creating a restful retreat in the safety of our own homes and summoning summertime inside over the coming weeks...

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Our Arame Wall Lights create a statement by illuminating this interior wall painted with 'Vardo 288' by Farrow and Ball.

Embrace colour

Blues that evoke a deep blue ocean, soft greens that call back to summer days in the park, neutral greys that summon imagery of steely winter skies and dawn breaking on a spring morning…

As humans we associate colour with memory and emotion. Introducing colours into your home that you personally find relaxing and calming will in turn, recreate those feelings in your living space. Here at Tom Raffield we find neutral tones, associated with minimal Scandinavian homes, to be especially effective at bringing a feeling of zen and contentment.

Our Drift Pendant in Oak takes centre stage on a photoshoot set painted with 'Livid' by Little Greene.

Two Urchin Pendant Smalls' handcrafted from ash and oak wood suspend graciously in this room set painted with Farrow and Ball's 'Skylight'.

Some of our favourite biophilic-inspired paint colours include: 'Satin Slippers', 'Skylight', 'Inchyra Blue' and 'Vardo 288' by Farrow and Ball and 'Livid' by Little Greene.

TR tip: If you’re an admirer of minimal homes but can’t resist a splurge of colour, why not opt for a statement wall or ceiling? Painting the majority of your space in a neutral tone then contrasting with a bold colour wall, will bring a sense of life and fun into the room.

"The secret of making an adventurous palette work is flow, balance and fearlessness"

- Clare Startin, Elle Decoration Features Writer.
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Tom and Danielle's Grand Designs Home features interior walls created from felled wood from the Trevarno Valley. Mixing wood types such as spalted beech, ash, sycamore and cherry creates a tonal, eye-catching effect.

Introduce natural materials

Whether you opt for homewares made from recycled materials or pieces created using traditional techniques such as steam bending, there’s never been a better time to make your home greener. Pieces crafted from wood, stone, linen, wool and other natural fibres and materials can all help summon the outdoors inside and help to promote a relaxing indoor environment.

Surrounding ourselves with homewares that are made from materials that exist in the natural world, as opposed to man-made synthetic fabrics, such as laminates and plastics, not only introduces a homely warmth and aesthetic to a space, it’s also far more sustainable for the environment. A lot of man-made products are produced using processes that waste energy, pollute our planet and will never bio-degrade.

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Our Amble Hanging Seat is formed from two lengths of sustainably sourced ash, steam bent and scarf joined together by hand. The appearance of a perfect circle from the side, it holds itself with striking effect.
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Our brand new Lundy Shelf, handcrafted by our skilled team in Cornwall, makes for an intuitive place to store books, plants and accessories.

Natural materials typically last longer than their man-made counterparts, don’t break down as easily with wear and tear, and have a better, long-lasting quality.

TR tip: Make your home life greener by making investment purchases in pieces of furniture and lighting that you’ll cherish for years to come. Search for timeless designs made from natural, neutral materials that marry with your interior and can easily be displayed in other settings in the future.

A cluster of Keel Pendants captures the beauty of organic shoreline shapes. Inspired by the power and grace of the Atlantic Ocean, the Comber Lighting Range features wooden pendant and wall light designs that bring the motion of Cornish tides into your space.

Use Organic shapes

Homewares with free-flowing, creative silhouettes that mimic shapes found in the natural world bring a breath of fresh air to inside spaces. Characterised by their patterns, angles, curves and lines, organic designs showcase their inspiration; nature itself.

Organic pieces promote a more conscious approach to decorating our homes, whilst safeguarding the environment and showcasing the biophilic design trend that's currently sweeping interior design. 

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A powerful curve of steam bent wood bonds structure and aesthetic. Marrying our iconic craftsmanship with Danish design principles, the Arbor Armchair defies nature with startling simplicity.
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An elegant steam bent curve draws together to create a distinctive, teardrop-shaped mirror. Meaning ‘ash’ in Cornish, the Lusow Mirror is true to its roots and offers a simple aesthetic to suit a variety of spaces.

TR tip: Mix classic formal shapes with modern curvaceous designs to create a restful retreat in your home. Our Arbor Armchair invites you to take a moment for yourself and feel the expert craftsmanship beneath your fingers. Demanding the concentration of three skilled makers, solid Pyrénées oak yields with breathtaking results.

Our Green Range Planters celebrate the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and nature by summoning the outdoors inside.

Add Foraged finds

Incorporating natural tones, textures and quality furniture and lighting pieces into our homes can take a little time and consideration. If you’re looking for an instant update and quick fix to creating a relaxing home haven, welcome houseplants, herbs and fresh and dried flowers into your space.

Plants have many benefits including providing clean air, boosting our mood, promoting concentration and even improving memory. Equally, adding a fresh bunch of wildflowers to a forgotten corner or overlooked dining space can bring instant cheer.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance option, dried grasses make for a unique and on-trend interior feature at very little cost, they can even be foraged outdoors on countryside walks and dried in the home.

Planted with colourful flowers and native moss, our Morvah Hanging Planter creates a focal point in any space. 

TR tip: Our Green Range planters summon the outdoors in and offer a great place to elevate your favourite houseplants. Choose our Morvah Hanging Planter (available in both a small and standard size) for trailing succulents, planting kitchen herbs or displaying air plants. Alternatively, fashion our Merryn Floor Standing Planters with a fruit tree or indoor palm of your choice and reap the benefits of quality design, aesthetic and satisfying home-grown produce. 

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Summon nature inside and transform space with The Green Range

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