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Timeless favourites

16 April 2021

Artisan designs for a more beautiful everyday life...
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While trends can be fickle, some designs are timeless. Natural materials such as wood, stone and metals bring together beauty and strength of the natural world which can be made into timeless pieces. Using natural materials carefully is key to creating unique moments of wonder throughout any space.

We handcraft heirlooms of the future and are incredibly proud of our craftsmanship and commitment to making superior quality, artisan pieces that are loved and last a lifetime. Every second spent perfecting each design is reflected in the longevity and enduring nature of our pieces. Keep reading to discover our current bestselling timeless favourites... 

In the workshop
Each Tom Raffield product is handmade from sustainable wood to last over a lifetime.

Continuous comfort

A powerful curve of steam bent wood bonds structure and aesthetic. Marrying Tom Raffield craftsmanship with Danish design principles, the Arbor Furniture Range defies nature with startling simplicity. 

Pairing ageless curves with neutral upholstery creates a timeless piece that can be matched with any interior style. Demanding the concentration of three skilled makers, solid Pyrénéen oak yields breath-taking, long lasting results. The Arbor Range is built to be used and loved for a lifetime.

Arbor armchair
As a pair or as a standalone piece, the Arbor Armchair pairs comfort and style perfectly to unite a room in a relaxing moment.
Arbor sofa
Upholstered with the highest quality, contract grade wool, the Arbor Sofa is style which never compromises on comfort.

Minimalist statement pieces

Create an uninterrupted flow in your home with pieces that are sleek and long lasting. Simplicity and clean lines make an alluring statement in any space. Our pieces are handcrafted from sustainably sourced oak and arched with an exposed flex that brings a modern accent to a timeless, natural form.

Hanter table light
A taut arc of steam bent timber clings to a solitary filament bulb. Refreshing in its simplicity, surprising in its design, our Hanter Table Light turns heads.
Hanter wall light
Radiating light in all directions, the Hanter Wall Light blends an inviting ambience with a sharp design aesthetic.
Mullion light
Use the Mullion Floor Light to illuminate specific areas, to layer light or add depth to your interior. Switch on. Sit back. Let the Mullion Floor Light make light work of transforming your space.

A lifetime classic

Curling, coiling and curving metres of steam bent timber endlessly weave to envelop the light. A feat of Tom Raffield design and a triumph of our craft, the No.1 Lighting Range is deemed iconic for a reason. No matter the size of the space, a No. 1 Pendant will add texture and confidence.

Reimagine what your space can be by creating balance with innovative ceiling designs. Breath new life into a room by utilizing ceiling space with eye catching pieces.

No.1 pendant cluster

Reimagine your space with No.1 Pendants.

Finishing touches

Whether you are adding final details or want to refresh your room, beautiful, versatile accessories offer an elegant way to tie everything together. Designs that can be dressed up or down whilst still attracting attention is key when enhancing your home space.

crib stool
Subtle, playful and different from every angle — the Crib Stool will always attract attention.

A balancing act of craftsmanship and creativity. Timeless while contemporary. Trusted while surprising. The Crib Stool's steam bent twist of sustainably sourced wood brings our signature aesthetic to the fore.

Haryln Mirror
Create a sense of space. Turn heads with the Harlyn Mirror.

Effortless and elegant, the Harlyn's frame and hanging loop are simultaneously handcrafted from sustainably sourced oak to create a minimalistic design worthy of reflection. Placed across from a window, the Harlyn Mirror will harness daylight and brighten up any room.

Morvah Planter
The Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter is signature, singular, strong.

Bringing greenery to your interior will not only breathe new life into a room but can improve wellbeing. A steam bent piece of solid oak loops around and embraces a hand-glazed earthenware bowl creating a unique, ceiling hanging planter. Vertical lines create a feeling of height and strength, making these pieces perfect for dining rooms and living rooms.

Posted: 16.04.21

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