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The Power of Three

18 May 2023

Why three is the magic number…
tom raffield loer cluster
Bringing celestial beauty to any home, the Loer Pendant Small - Trio Cluster is total eclipse beauty.

The ‘Rule of Three’ is a design principle which states that styling your interiors with odd numbers adds interest, energy, and balance to your space, whilst capturing the gaze of any visitors. One great thing about this idea is that you won't generally need to go out shopping for new items, you can simply use the beautiful pieces you already own and apply the rules to make small, but impactful, changes…

A light touch

Lighting is arguably the most important feature of any space. Whilst one suspended ceiling design can be highly effective, three wooden ceiling lights can be more appealing and efficient.

no.1 cluster
The No.1 Pendant Range - Trio Cluster enhances your space with a textured display of light and shadow.

Cluster lighting is a great addition to large, open plan spaces such as living rooms, entranceways, and staircases. The tiered effect of the cluster lighting will draw eyes up through your space, filling the space with friendly form and welcoming illumination. Our new Loer Pendant Small – Trio Cluster is perfectly at home within soothing spaces, whilst our No. 1 Pendant Range – Trio Cluster is great for adding drama and character to your home.

Another way to bring the Rule of Three to your lighting, is through a series of wooden lampshades equally spaced above your dining table or kitchen island. This trio of designer ceiling lights will not only provide your space with ample task lighting but will also create a peaceful balance within usually bustling interiors and be extremely aesthetically pleasing.

customer pic
@childstewartdesign use a trio of Loer Pendant's to enhance the crisp, fresh feel of this kitchen space.
leven pendant small
Cast a spotlight across your kitchen countertop with a Leven Drum Pendant Small.

Great Green Groupings

Add depth to your space with a green zone. A trio of different planters, or the same planters with plants of varying lengths will make your space feel more homely and fresh. The Maen Pot Trio is the perfect home for three of your favourite, tasty herbs, whilst providing a uniform yet beautiful table top display.

maen pot trio
The Maen Pot Trio provides a uniform, stable home for your thriving houseplants.

Let creativity be your guide. Our Green Range of indoor planters offer a vast array of luxury designs that look great with mixed and matched together in your own curated display. The Mawnan Planter’s versatile design allows it to be suspended from your ceiling or placed upon your table top or window side. This adaptability allows you to keep refreshing your planters locations to give your home a fresh breath of air.

arame wall light
A maximalist's dream addition. The Arame Wall Light surprises your space with the flick of a switch.

Bring your walls to life

A trio of well placed mirrors, or wall lights, can be both functional and beautiful. Our Arame Wall Light is a wooden work of art even when switched off, however when illuminated a beautiful group of Arame Wall Lights will transform your wall into an artistic exhibition.

laris wall hook
A glimpse into versatile design - the Laris Wall Hook is the answer to many small space storage solutions.

When it comes to storage trios – think small. Little and often is the perfect way to create a striking display of your wall without overwhelming the space. Our Laris Wall Hook is the perfect solution to small space storage whilst using the Rule of Three. The Laris Wall Hook offers three different storage opportunities, so you can showcase your décor by either threading, hanging, or draping – allowing you to have a display that is full of character.

Help Your Shelf

Gather shelving inspiration and discover which room each Tom Raffield shelving design shines in.

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