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31 May 2022

Storage saviours for every interior…
tom raffield housel shelf with mirror

Storage solutions can make or break a space you’re renovating. Carefully considered designs that have a useful practicality can transform your room into a haven of minimalism. Unconsidered purchases that are just to ‘quickly hide the mess’ can end up looking just that: messy. Discover our guide to the best sustainable storage solutions for your space and invest in a piece you’ll proudly display for years to come…

The best for: creating a statement

If you are seeking storage that makes a statement, look no further than the Lundy Shelf. Two sculptural, steam bent lengths of ash wood, mimic twisted leather, as they hold a solid oak shelf, the Lundy Shelf emits beauty from every angle. This larger shelving design holds your bigger décor pieces, making the Lundy the perfect balance of form and function.

tom raffield lundy shelf
Showcasing the versatility of nature's forms, the Lundy Shelf is a beautiful addition to any space.

A well-positioned Lundy Shelf will balance your space whilst creating the illusion of height, perfect for the spaces not blessed with tall ceilings. Place the Lundy by your favourite reading nook to showcase your growing library, or in your bedroom to rest your delicate heirlooms.

The best for: open plan spaces

A trio of Housel Shelves, hung at different heights on the wall can create a natural break in your room, whilst adding a dynamic element. A clever grouping of circular shelves will create a bold design statement along your wall whilst offering plenty of opportunity to display your beloved belongings.

tom raffield housel shelf
Framing your family's favourite pieces, the Housel's unique form invites a second glance.
tom raffield housel shelf
Add your favourite potted plant to your Housel Shelf, adding new dimension to your indoor garden.

Whether you opt for a powerful duo, or a striking singular Housel Shelf, open plan spaces will benefit from the curved form as it draws the eye to the borders of your space – creating a cosier, more ‘lived in’, atmosphere. The steam bent design doubles as minimalist wooden wall art when left bare, however when curated with pictures of loved ones and plenty of treasures, the Housel suits a maximalist’s space seamlessly.

The best for: kitchens

tom raffield tor twist shelf

Kitchens always end up being the heart and soul of the home, often thriving on routine and organisation. The Tor Twist Shelf is the perfect match for kitchen spaces due to its clever design. A central steam bent twist creates a practical hook/shelf hybrid, which is not only a wonder to look at when left bare, but extremely handy. The innovative design of the Tor Twist Shelf allows you to hang your kitchen necessities on one side, whilst placing bottles, plant pots or spices on the shelf.

The Tor Twist Shelf’s versatile design lends itself to plenty of spaces around your kitchen - from coffee corners to a grab-and-go station for your cooking essentials. Using open shelving in your kitchen is an easy way to keep your efficiency optimised, whilst showcasing your carefully curated kitchenware.

The best for: multitasking

Hardworking spaces call for hardworking homeware. The Housel Shelf with Mirror provides you with both beautiful design and functionality. This two-in-one storage solution is ideal for bathrooms and hallways, providing your daily essentials a home, whilst offering you a moment of reflection for those last-minute outfit checks.

tom raffield housel shelf with mirror
Flourish your self care sanctuary with the Housel Shelf with Mirror.

The Housel Shelf’s leather hanging strap can be personalised, allowing the design to work seamlessly for your space, whilst suiting its surrounding interior style. The efficiency of the Housel Shelf with Mirror is what makes this design so timeless, it will suit any space it is placed, and will prove itself as a household must have, in no time.

tor twist shelf

Steam bent shelving

Everyday wall storage re-imagined. Explore our unique functional wooden shelving designs perfect for hallways, bedrooms and kitchens, such as our steam bent Lundy and Housel shelves.

Posted: 31.05.22
Updated: 02.06.23

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