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Summer Bedroom Updates

5 August 2022

This way for breezy, bright bedroom interiors...
semper tilow wall light

Your bedroom is the first and last thing you see each day, so it’s important to make sure it carries your personality whilst setting you up for the day. Keep reading to discover our tips on how to create a lie-in worthy space…

tom raffield morvah planter
Fill gloomy corners with the Morvah Hanging Planter, homing your favourite trailing plant.

Fresh Greenery

Houseplants will thrive in this summer sun, giving you the perfect opportunity to add a bright pop of green to your bedroom. From relieving stress to aiding deep sleep, introducing greenery to your bedroom comes with plenty of benefits. Orchids and snake plants make great bedroom companions due to the fact they produce oxygen at night, unlike a lot of other plants, and come in lots of different variations.

tomraffield mawnan planter
Portable by design, the Mawnan Planter’s steam bent handle allows it to be moved around the room to follow the sun's path.
tom raffield maya planter
For an extra boost of freshness without taking up table space, opt for the Maya Wall Planter alongside your bed.

Confident colour

Make your bedroom space a happy one with bright, bold colour. Whether you opt for moody blues, or spicy yellow, decorating with the right colour palette will always make you wake up happy.

tom raffield beeble pouffe
The Beeble Pouffe adds playful form and colour to your bedroom.

Soft furnishings are an easy way to breathe new life into your bedroom. Whether you opt for lightweight linen cushions or colourful throws, accessories can quickly transform a space. For an added airy effect, contrast pastels colours with leafy green foliage reminiscent of balmy summer evenings to beckon the outdoors in.

tom raffield arbor armchair
The Arbor Armchair provides the perfect space to sit and reflect after a long day.

Why not customise a Tom Raffield furniture piece by choosing your own fabric? Choose your own coloured upholstery from Abraham Moon & Sons for an additional £100 - select the 'bespoke' icon and contact with your order confirmation number and fabric reference. Likewise, if you'd like to use your own fabric please get in touch. Please note, lead times on bespoke orders vary and will be confirmed by our sales team.

Minimalist Form

With summer in full swing, take advantage of bright natural lighting. Opt for minimalist forms when adding lighting and furniture, allowing the sunlight to soak as much of your bedroom space as possible. Adding extra illumination only where needed will create a balanced, soothing space.

tom raffield tilow wall light
Creating an impact whilst alighting tricky corners, the new Tilow Wall Light is the perfect bedroom lighting solution.
tom raffield semper pendant
Guide beams of light where needed with the adjustable, pivoting Semper Pendant.
tom raffield lundy shelf
Sculptural and striking, the Lundy Shelf offers plenty of space for displaying beloved treasures.

Thoughtful Accessories

Dress up your bedroom with functional, beautiful accessories. Adding a few well-chosen accessories is an easy way to update your bedroom without committing to painting the walls or swapping out flooring. A cleverly placed mirror across from your window will reflect the natural light, creating the illusion of a bigger and brighter interior.

harlyn mirror
Looking good! The handcrafted Harlyn Mirror provides a bold moment of reflection.
tom raffield taffrail
Drape spare linens, or the next days planned outfit, on the Taffrail for a cosy, lived-in touch.

Clever storage plays a vital role in an efficient morning routine, meaning you have longer in bed to enjoy your beautiful bedroom (or more time to snooze). Choosing open storage that puts your daily essentials within easy reach will help make the morning rush be less stressful.

Keep it cosy

With the ever-changing British weather, it’s always wise to keep cosy touches at hand even in summer months. A sheepskin rug will keep toes toasty on those colder mornings and provide a comfortable transition to bed in the evenings. The natural texture and tone of sheepskin accessories will suit alongside any colour palette, creating year-round cosy touches.

sheepskin rug

Posted: 05.08.22
Updated: 09.08.22

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