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Spice up your space: Yellow Interiors

14 April 2022

Add heat to your home with mustard tones…
tomraffield new semper pendant
Yellow pairs effortlessly with other neutral tones and textures. Add a sheepskin rug to your hallway or living room to create a place of solace.

As Spring springs, we welcome the ultimate feel-good tone, yellow. Sunny shades are easy to shy away from, often thought of as overpowering and too bold for interiors. Yet, when done right yellow provides a burst of golden sunshine that our homes are all calling out for. If you’re looking to spice up your home with tones of yellow, keep scrolling to find some sunny courage and inspiration… 

Tom Raffield semper pendant in a bedroom setting
Sweet dreams are made of this. This gentle toned wall paired with cosy neutral bedding creates a dreamy bedroom space. As night falls the Semper Pendant will cast beams of light where needed.

Get the right hue

Yellow has a lot to offer, ranging from golden tones to bold neon to spicy mustard. Yellow is a great way to convey the desired atmosphere of the space, so choosing the right shade to base your colour palette around is the best place to start. Think pastel for relaxing bedrooms and a bolder hue for dynamic kitchens.

Bring the sunshine in. Consider the natural light already in your space and work out which tone will work best for your home - yellow is able to enhance the natural light throughout your home or help soften it. Darker rooms can take a brighter shade whilst bright, south facing, rooms can facilitate a darker shade. When applied in muted tones, yellow can act as a neutral so when used as an alternative to white walls, the space feels cosier, and more homely.

tom raffield customer pic
Adding depth and cosiness to this space by @a_cornish_escape, the Leven Wall Light illuminates this calm toned yellow wall with a golden glow.
tom raffield semper pendant
Fill your entranceway with energising colour, organic shapes, and natural wood to achieve a dynamic space filled with personality.

Feature wall vs surround

Representing new beginnings, this spring is the perfect time to indulge the happy tone with yellow walls making the area feel bigger, brighter, and cheerier. A whole room painted yellow creates big impact, transforming the interior into a feel-good environment.

tom raffield semper pendant
Ignite invigorating conversation with buttery dining room walls, illuminated by our adjustable Semper Pendant.

Whilst it’s easy to want to transform your space into a daffodil oasis, often a single feature wall can be just as impactful, as yellow is a great accent colour. Used in the right way, the fresh tone can highlight specific areas or features in your home, drawing the eye through the space with bold contrast.

Yellow can sit alongside bold, unexpected colours and patterns to create a high impact space as well as muted, pastel colours and textures to create a calming atmosphere. The key to a harmonious home is balancing the sunny shade with grounding, neutral tones.

tom raffield customer pic
Wake up happy. This sunny bedroom by @houseinhove projects happiness throughout using bold colour block wall, and a cleverly placed cushion to create a balanced space.
tom raffield customer pic
A warm welcome. The Cage Pendants add pattern to this inviting, yellow hallway by @leben_traeumen_wohnen.

Tonal accessories

From subtle accents to bold furniture pieces, yellow can enliven any interior. Perfect for spaces where you can’t, or don’t want to, paint your walls, you can introduce a new colour with a few well-placed accessories. Splashes of yellow throughout the space can help draw the eye, inviting guests in with a fun atmosphere.

tom raffield customer pic
@hidehouseglos uses a bold sofa to break up the rich, blue tones found through this living room, illuminated by our Kern Pendants.

Consider the colour wheel carefully when if you are thinking of adding other colours alongside yellow to your space. Leafy green and serene blue are great complimentary colours to yellow, creating a refreshing interior. For a space filled with sheer joyfulness, layer yellow, with yellow – creating a home full of zest and energy.

tom raffield taffrail
Populate your yellow walls with wooden accessories to create tranquil self-care sanctuary.
tom raffield merryn planter
Reflecting natures tones. Yellow and green pair wonderfully together, giving your space a natural feel. To truly let the outside shine, inside, layer thriving greenery homed in our Merryn Floor Standing Planter against your yellow wall. 
Image alt text goes here
Warming walnut and versatile oak. The Semper Pendant stands out against yellow interiors whilst transforming the space by projecting unique layers of light and shadows.

Get the right light

Lighting designs in wooden tones pair beautifully with yellow for a sophisticated and chic look – oak pairs especially well with warm yellow. Whilst walnut lighting will add contrast to your space with the deep hue and confident form. The glow of the sustainably sourced wood blends extremely well into yellow interiors and creates subtle impact. The right light will create variations of golden tones throughout your space, whilst casting a spotlight on specific areas of your room.

tom raffield customer pic
Added zing. One bold yellow blanket partnered with a low suspended Skipper Pendant gives the illusion of added depth to this bedroom by @zazzy_mama.

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Updated: 14.04.22

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