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Perfect Pink: The New Neutral

2 September 2021

Pink tones to soothe…we're sharing some of our favourite ways to style pink and our top tips on incorporating the colour to your interiors for an Autumnal update.

Ever popular in recent years, pink has had an undeniable resurgence. Its peachy, nude, or punchy hues can be seen far and wide from Pinterest boards to our Instagram feeds; pink is reigning the interiors world. No longer simply viewed as ‘feminine and flouncy’, pink interiors have a new millennial edge to them. They’re soothing, soft and easy to pair with a range of other tones. We’ve collated some of our favourite pink shades and our ideas on how to style them at home (with a dash of help from our steam bent collection of course).

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Portable by design, the Beeble Pouffe is a versatile piece. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to multiple rooms of the home.

Pale and interesting...

Pale pink tones provide a soothing aesthetic, adding dreamy layers of relaxation without competing for attention. Soft shades of pink add colour without it being too vibrant or overwhelming – perfect for peaceful bedrooms, living spaces and calming home offices.

Treat understated pink as a neutral, you will be surprised how versatile this colour can be, and how well it works with unexpected décor styles.

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Wooden tones, demonstrated here by our Verso Floor Light, are a great contrast against pale pink walls, allowing you to create depth in your interior.
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Adding texture where needed, the Celtic Sheepskin provides a warm focal point.

Pairs well with…

Other neutral tones, such a greys, creams, or beiges, harmonise beautifully with pale pink tones to emphasise a serene backdrop. For a more dramatic look, pair your gentle pink with bold contrasting shades, such as greens, blues, or even metallic features to amp up the wow-factor of your interior.

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Suiting open plan spaces, the Verso Pendant stands out amongst the interior without overwhelming it.

TR styling tip: Add sculptural or textured finishing touches to your home. Create an elegant space with a sculptural ceiling light, or an effortless Arbor Armchair. For spaces calling out for a touch of charisma, add a sheepskin rug draped across your favourite chair…

Punchy Pink

From candyfloss to bubblegum, bold tones of pink are perfect for spaces in which you want to inject some fun personality. The right pink shade can pack a punch- so go all in and be brave! Don’t be scared to layer and display multiple tones together to truly celebrate the full pink spectrum.


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Any neutral tones placed against a rainbow of pastels will stand out - so be thoughtful about where you want eyes to be drawn in your space. Photo credit: @saritastylist
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Choosing one bold tone of pink and repeating it through small painted features and accessories is a great way to create an impact. Photo credit: @saritastylist

Deep pinks add eccentric spirit (perfect for lively spaces of the home such as entrance ways, hallways, and kitchens), whilst pastel tones create a softer impact that is well suited to living spaces and bedrooms.

Create contrasting impact from the top to the bottom of your space. Our Walnut Skipper Pendant sits against punchy, bold tones whilst still holding its own. Photo credit: A Rum Fellow

Pairs well with…

If your space is a pastel heaven, don’t shy away from an array of popping colours, they all work together without being overwhelming to your interior. Balance out hot pink décor with other strong style statements, bold rugs, curtains, and pieces of art. This may sound overpowering, but once everything is placed carefully within your interior, you will have curated an intriguing, welcoming space that will draw guests inside.

For ultimate drama, a No. 1 Pendant contrasts wonderfully with styling that uses different tones of one colour. Photo credit: A Rum Fellow

TR styling tips: Turn up the contrast. When adding punchy layers, add a bold feature pendant that heavily contrasts with your main décor colours. This will create a show stopping focal point in your space and help break up the bold tones.

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Using different tones of wood across your space will add depth whilst still captivating attention.

Earthy tones...

For the ultimate neutral palette, choose an earthy shade of pink. This tone is a timeless choice, but will cast your home into the modern age with its tranquil, comforting hue. Understated earthy pink can liven up the look of an unadorned wall, creating interest without distracting from your carefully selected décor.

Be playful with pink tones using painted walls and small space accessories, such as cushions, to introduce the hue to your home.

Pairs well with…

When trying to style your earthy tones, opt for textures and colours found in nature. Earthy green tones, and wooden accents evoke a comforting sense of nature that will aid the feeling of relaxation in your space. Alternatively, charcoal, and darker slate grey tones create a modern effect in your space. Style with a handcrafted wooden lighting design for a timeless décor style.

Layer pink on pink…on pink! Pink shades work wonderfully together, so don’t be afraid of utilising all the pink hues you can.
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Upholstered in Candy Pink, the Arbor Armchair gives your space a touch of pink as well as comfort for years to come.

TR styling tips: Earthy toned pink is the perfect backdrop for your indoor jungle, the subtle shade has just enough charm to be recognised, without stealing the show. Combine a steam bent indoor planter filled with your favourite houseplant with some nature-inspired pink shades to harmonise mother nature in your interior.

Summon nature inside, transform space. The pinch of a potter’s hand, the sculpting skill in a steam bender's twist. Where traditional craftsmanship and innovative design fuse, The Green Range breathes new life.

Posted: 02.09.21

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