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Spotlight on: the Urchin Lighting Range

11 April 2019

Our Urchin Lighting Range blends bold, innovative design with expert craftsmanship to evoke the feel of nearby Cornish shores.

Featuring some of our most striking and iconic lighting designs, the Urchin Lighting Range is certainly one to be celebrated. Recognised for their distinctive bends and bio-mimetic shape, the Urchin Lights have long been a favourite among our team and customers alike. Lets take a closer look at one of our bestselling collections...

Behind the design

Our close bond with nature means that all of our designs, including the Urchin, are inspired by what we see around us. Naturally occurring shapes (such as seaweed or leaves), geometric patterns and even the curving branch structures in our local woodlands can be replicated in the medium of steam bent ash, oak or walnut wood. Nature permeates all of our design work but arguably, in none more so than the Urchin Lighting Range, where the original design concept is so tangible in the finalised design. 

Inspired by nearby Cornish shores, and the multitude of shells and stones that scatter the tide line, the Urchin Lighting Range was conceived where the waves break. The oak, ash or walnut shell of each light, crafted from sustainable timber, echoes the shape of sand-combed sea shells. Switched on or off, the Urchin Lighting Range transports you to the coast.

Our local Cornish beaches provide the inspiration behind many of our designs, including our Urchin Lighting Range.

The range:

Urchin Table Light

The Urchin Table Light can be placed anywhere in your home to create an enchanting, dynamic spectacle. With dual uses, the Urchin Table Light can also be used as a floor light and has proved a popular children's room luminaire due to its ability to cast shadow and light in equal measure.

The Urchin Wall Light

Designed to soften space and create alluring pools of light, the Urchin Wall Light suits a range of interiors and produces a calming, ambient glow. Comprised of 17 curved pieces of ash, oak or walnut, the Urchin Wall Light both mesmerises and surprises.

Urchin Pendant

Available as both a small and standard sized light, Urchin Pendant is the perfect statement centrepiece. Ever-popular for creating clusters with, the Urchin Pendant is a great way of drawing the eye and creating a focus in a room.

Noctis Urchin Small Cluster

Part of our brand new Noctis Range, the Noctis Urchin Small Cluster offers a darker aesthetic, delivering intrigue and character to any room it is positioned within. Ebonised curves and brass details create a contrast between the outer shell and the warm light that escapes from within the shade. Perfect for adding a monochrome touch to a contemporary interior. 

Sustainable oak or walnut in our Urchin Table Light sees beams escape through the slithers, creating pools of brightness in the dark.
Taut curves fuse together to carefully conceal the light bulb within.

"The Urchin Lighting Range is one of our most evocative and alluring design concepts. Capturing our close connection to the Cornish shorelines that are a stone's throw from our woodland workshops, the Urchin symbolises nature in one of its purest and simplest forms and transforms it into a functional piece of art".

- Tom Raffield, Founder.
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The Urchin Pendant casts a soft glow into surrounding darkness, illuminating the space around it.

In the workshop

Like all of our contemporary lighting and furniture pieces, the Urchin Lighting Range requires a high level of skill from several members of our expert team.

The very first stages of making an Urchin sees graceful curves of ash, oak or walnut flexed to the brink and back again. Once supporting their signature curve, each wooden petal is assembled with pinpoint precision to a laser-cut birch ply plate using a dry construction technique.

Spun concentrically on themselves to enable the maker to align dimensions as they fasten, the lights take shape and are built up in two separate layers. The inner framework must be hidden by thin strips of timber to conceal the bulb and the outer petals of the Urchin Lights must be perfectly aligned to allow the light within to escape in the desired way.

When the assembly stage is complete, the Urchin Lights (be it pendants, wall or table lights) are sprayed with our eco-friendly water-based varnish, to ensure a sleek, long-lasting finish.

Curves of an Urchin Pendant are assembled and fastened to the laser cut birch plate in our woodland workshop.
Inspired by nature, handcrafted from quality materials by our skilled, experienced team, our Urchin Lighting Range is an embodiment of the Tom Raffield design ethos. 
Innovative design meets expert craftsmanship; our Urchin Lighting Range is bold, striking and designed to make an impact.

Posted: 11.04.19
Updated: 03.04.24

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