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Our ethos

At Tom Raffield, we know true design transcends boundaries. From our mastery of traditional techniques to our uncompromising design sensibility, it’s a lens we use to reimagine process and create unique products.

Two workers bend wood around a jig

We design to inspire. We build to last. Through experimental thinking and respect for the materials we work with, we cut our course. An alternative to today’s throwaway mindset. Where distinction in design, craftsmanship and sustainability rule.

 A man puts together a Tom Raffield pendant light
 A man sands wood in the workshop

We make decisions based on what’s best for people and planet. This is what’s best for business – using our ethics as a steer to keep us always on track. It’s how we source the right raw materials, why our team feels like family and how we start and end every project – working tirelessly until we know we’ve got it right.

Through a commitment that is unsurpassed we develop, design and create products that are unmatched. Making an impact without having an impact. It’s in our nature.

 Hands measuring a join in a Tom Raffield product
Tom Raffield curling wood around metal disks and clamping it in place
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