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Spotlight On: The Mooring Range

14 February 2019

The Mooring Lighting Range combines innovative techniques with an industrial design for an understated aesthetic that oozes substance and style.

The Mooring Lighting Collection is an integral part of the Tom Raffield range, each light showcases our steam bending technique, curved aesthetic and timeless design.

Design conception

The idea behind our Mooring Range was conceived as a result of introspection and an examination of our core values. We wanted to strip everything back and create something which epitomised the Tom Raffield ethos.

The Mooring Range is simplistic, yet elegant. It doesn’t hide behind superfluous frills; every part of the design - from the exposed flex to the naked filament bulb - is bared for all to see. Our intention was to champion the art of steam bending and showcase the natural beauty of the materials we use.

Our steam bending technique uses a steam-filled chamber to add moisture to the wood to make it more flexible. Steam bending also has a rich history in boat-building, which uses long tubes to steam much larger pieces of timber than those we use here at Tom Raffield. Although the techniques differ, part of the inspiration behind the Mooring Range was to celebrate steam bending’s maritime roots. This is how we came upon the word ‘Mooring’, literally meaning 'the place where a boat is moored'.

The Mooring Range is made from sustainably sourced oak wood and handcrafted by our design team using our innovative steam bending technique.
Founder and Designer Tom Raffield hard at work in his Grand Designs home.

“The Mooring Range is one of our favourite designs to make. A single piece of oak timber steam bent and sanded to perfection, is, in our opinion, a thing of beauty.”

- The Tom Raffield Workshop Team
An arc of sustainably sourced timber curves through the air, the exposed red flex cuts a colourful path against the oak.

In Numbers

The Mooring Range is made up of 4 products: 2 table lights and 2 floor lights.

Each light is available with one of 2 types of external flex, which wraps around the base and trails up the spine of the light to suspend the bulb.

For a sleek, timeless look that will suit any interior, choose our grey flex. If you’re looking to introduce a dash of colour to brighten up your space, the red flex is the perfect choice. The Mooring Range is also available to purchase with or without an E27 LED bulb.

For more advice on choosing the perfect bulb for your light, click here.

A Mooring Table Light with grey flex merges an industrial aesthetic with the natural beauty of tidal landscapes.
The exposed red flex of a Mooring Floor Light provides an effortless way to add a pop of colour to an interior space without the fuss.

The Perfect Design Companion

The versatility of The Mooring Range makes it the ideal addition to a modern living space. Functional yet effortlessly stylish, it can bring bold design and natural elegance to any room.

Place a Mooring Floor Light in the corner of a living room, combined with any of our Wall Lights to create a soft, warm ambience. Take advantage of the curved, steam bent arm and naked bulb of The Mooring Table Light to illuminate a desk or work space, creating the perfect environment for productivity.

The Mooring Range has power in its versatility, and can be used for a number of functions in any room.

The Mooring Range has also proved a faithful companion, having been with us since Autumn 2017 and featuring in numerous installations, photo shoots and more.

Mooring Floor Lights complimented a range of our ceiling lights at our London Pop Up Shop in May 2017.
The Mooring Floor Light looking festive as part of our 2018 Christmas photo shoot.
The Mooring Floor Light: simple, stylish, sophisticated.

Posted: 14.02.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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