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Meet the Drift Pendant

20 September 2019

Introducing our brand new Drift Pendant, part of The Comber Range.


Born in the barrel of a waking wave, the Comber Lighting Range is shaped by the reverberating tides that lap the nearby coastline. Our Drift Pendant mimics the undulating motion of the Cornish swell that inspired our newest collection. This is the story behind the Drift Pendant.

From below, the Drift Pendant's dramatic sweeping curves.


At Tom Raffield, our designs are rooted deeply in our surroundings. These roots delve deep into the forest floor around our woodland workshop and extend to the picturesque Cornish shorelines to the North, South and West. It was on these shores that we found the inspiration for our Drift Pendant.

Casting shadows that seamlessly float and settle in buoyant tranquility, the Drift Pendant brings ocean calm to any space.
The Drift Pendant is available in oak or walnut, and looks even better hung in pairs.

With perpetual tides come the potential for raw power and tranquil calm; a juxtaposition of the elements. This notion is embodied in our Drift Pendant. The undulating, steam bent wooden waves reflect the chaos of the white-water, while rippling light and floating shadows evoke the tidal calm that follows.

“With our new Comber Range, we really wanted to capture the amazing contrasts that you find at the coast. Drama and power meet tranquillity and calm, beautifully embodied in the Drift Pendant.”

Tom Raffield, Founder

Our Drift Pendant hangs in this open plan living space proving an eye catching focal point. 

making the drift pendant

The unique structure of the Drift Pendant provided a new challenge for our skilled team. After experimenting with drawings and prototypes, Tom settled on a design constructed of two lengths of steam bent oak or walnut. After steaming, these are wrapped around a roller to dry, which creates the signature waves. These are then attached to a central frame designed to hold itself together with minimal glue.

drift shadow
With the lights dimmed, our Drift Pendant produces a display of light and shadow that captivates the beholder.

Styling the Drift Pendant

The Drift Pendant is versatile and will bring beauty to wherever you choose to put it. Being one of our wider lights, it fits well in more open spaces, such as dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. This allows the shadows and light that refract and ripple from the Drift Pendant space to perform, giving a greater effect. The design also works well in multiples above tables, kitchen islands or long hallways.

It is important to consider whether to choose an oak or walnut pendant. With the latter being a darker shade, consider the colour schemes already in place in your interior and choose to either match up or contrast light and dark tones.

Our Drift Pendant in oak wood creates a warm ambience whilst maintaining a paired-back, minimal aesthetic.

A trio of Drift Pendants creates an effective centrepiece above the dining table at Tom Raffield's Grand Designs home.
Our Drift Pendant is suited to open rooms, such as bedrooms, where it creates a warm, tranquil ambience that you can enjoy spending time in.

Posted: 20.09.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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