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Sustainable Gift Guide 2022

16 November 2022

Illuminate the room with cherished, joyful, memoires with thoughtful homeware and lighting gifts from Tom Raffield's handcrafted collection.
tom raffield coat loop

As the festive season fast approaches, giving unique gifts that will be treasured is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Showcasing ethically crafted homeware designs, Tom Raffield’s carefully curated Christmas Gift Guide features designs for a range of budgets, lifestyles, and interiors.

Sustainably designed and handcrafted in South Cornwall, Tom Raffield homeware designs are synonymous with nature; each product is hand-shaped using sustainable wood and created as sculptural pieces of art using a pioneering form of steam bending.

tom raffield beeble pouffe

This season, Tom Raffield is focusing on gifts that are kind to the environment, and wallets, by releasing small scale home storage and accessories across the well-renowned Green Range and Ash Accessories Range. The Christmas 2022 guide encourages investing in pieces that will be heirlooms of the future, providing each home with functional beauty through sustainable design.

“This year, we understand the need to buy less, buy better more than ever. This is why we continuously design and craft versatile, feel-good gifts that will thrive in a myriad of spaces”.

- Tom Raffield, founder.

Under £100

Meru Peg Rail - Diverse, welcoming, and balanced - the Meru Trio Peg Rail brings functional elegance that is perfect for compact interiors. A single piece of sustainably sourced ash wood hosts a trio of looping tan, brown or black leather loops, each fixed with a brushed brass tipped wooden coat peg. RRP £70.00

Laris Wall Hook - With versatility in its nature, the Laris Wall Hook makes every inch of your wall space work hard. The clothes hook makes wall storage easy and can sit proudly alone or thrive in multiples, transforming hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms into a space of adaptability and convenience. RRP from £25.00

Maen Pot - Understated yet playful, the Maen Pot’s multifunctional design provides an endless array of uses. The tactile, earthenware ceramic bowl featuring two looping, tan leather handles can be utilised in a wide array of interiors from living spaces to kitchens and bathrooms. RRP £55.00

Mylor Bowl - From salad or fruit to houseplants and herbs, the Mylor Bowl’s elegant aesthetic provides the perfect space to elevate everyday home essentials in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. RRP £95.00

Devonia Sheepskin – Drape, throw, enjoy. The combination of traditional processing techniques handed down over the years to a small team of highly skilled craftspeople and the use of the local lambskins makes the Devonia sheepskin a unique and sought after product. RRP £80.00

Kyru Vase - Brightening up any interior, the contemporary, curving form of each slip cast pot plays perfect host to fresh blooms or dried flowers. Sitting proudly upon mantlepieces, tabletops, or shelves the Kyru Vase Short is a striking centrepiece that suits a multitude of spaces. Available in short, medium, or tall. RRP £75.00 each.

tomraffield mylor bowl
Mylor Bowl.

Under £200

Mantol Planter - Enlivening interiors with its sleek silhouette and playful personality, the Mantol offers biophilic abundance. A play of balance, the Mantol Planter’s beauty lies in its simplicity. Rooted by a graceful steam bent hoop of sustainably sourced oak, the Mantol’s elevated earthenware vessel can be tilted on its base to allow optimum light levels to reach your foliage. RRP £145

Maya Wall Planter - Thoughtfully designed to rest against your wall by a tan leather handle, the compact planter is perfect for showcasing your houseplants, herbs, or homegrown produce without taking up too much space. RRP £195

Hanter Table Light - Radiating light in all directions, the Hanter blends an inviting ambience with a sharp design aesthetic. A taut arc of steam bent timber clings to a solitary filament bulb. Refreshing in its simplicity, surprising in its design, the Hanter Table Light turns heads. RRP £175

Kyru Trio Vase Set -
A harmonious trio of handcrafted vases, the Kyru Trio Vase Set features three different sized designs perfectly proportioned for your curated display. Each tactile, earthenware vase, is hand-glazed with our signature matte outer glaze and effortlessly nestles into a bespoke, sustainably sourced ash, wood base. RRP £195

Skipper Wall Light – Scandinavian design principles and our sought-after aesthetic, merged. A unique wall light design that celebrates natural materials and handcrafted skill, the Skipper Wall Light is designed to produce golden light and eye-catching shadow effects in equal measure. RRP from £155

Verso Wall Light - Looping to create eye-catching asymmetry, the Verso Wall Light is carefully crafted from one continuous length of sustainably sourced timber that soars around the warm glow of an exposed bulb to cast a beautiful blend of light and shadow. RRP from £130

Verso Table Light - Igniting creativity within your space, the Verso design looks different from every angle and exhibits its varying form to add playful personality to a wide range of interiors. RRP from £145

Under £400

Semper Pendant - Adaptable and intuitive by design, the versatile Semper Pendant can be positioned to eclipse its bulb by aligning all three layers in a horizontal ‘drum’ formation to create dramatic downlighting or angled to guide focused beams of light by tilting each section to release a bright, directional display wherever you need it. RRP from £345

Skipper Pendant - Scandinavian design principles and our sought-after aesthetic, merged. In the Skipper, sustainable ash, oak, or walnut is hand-shaped to create an open light that casts out and up, in a bright, bold contrast of light and shadow. RRP from £225

Arame Wall Light - Elemental, geometric, sequential. A surge of optical energy; a silhouette of sustainable craftsmanship. Switched on or off, boundless shadows unfurl, pirouette and tumble in kaleidoscopic tessellation creating an extraordinary spectacle in your space. RRP from £295

Scots Pendant - Slatted scales, skilfully shaped and intricately layered. The Scots Pendant calls back to the woodland floor, where pinecones line our path and inspire our designs. RRP from £385

Wheal Table Light - Modern. Refined. Enticing. An arching curve of steam bent oak towers up from a brass base plate. An alluring contrast of wood and metal. Clasped in a polished brass fitting, bright light catches and bounces off its surface. RRP £225

tom raffield scots pendant, arame wall light and wheal table light
Stuggy Side Table, Wheal Table Light, Arame Wall Light and Scots Pendant.

Over £400

No. 1 Pendant - Precise yet untamed. Imposing yet weightless. The No.1 Pendant was the first light we ever created, and making it remains impossible for all but a few of our team to accomplish. RRP from £685

May Coffee Table - Swooping around to meet all four legs and handcrafted from a single piece of sustainably sourced oak the May's hero feature is its curved support. While the simplistic round table top showcases the striking grain and tone of wood. RRP £1,450

tom raffield no.1 pendant and may coffee table
May Coffee Table and No. 1 Pendant.

Cage Pendant - A riot of energy by day, a shower of shadows by night. On or off, the Cage Pendant's interplay of textures, movement and light invites a closer look. Corkscrewing behind a delicate yet rigid birch surround, it epitomises the spirit of nature — commanding and wild in perfect measure. RRP £555

Crib Stool - A balancing act of craftsmanship and creativity. Timeless while contemporary. Trusted while surprising. The Crib Stool's steam bent twist of sustainably sourced wood brings our signature aesthetic to the fore. RRP £495

Arbor Armchair -
 The Arbor Armchair invites you to take a moment for yourself and feel the expert craftsmanship beneath your fingers. Demanding the concentration of three skilled makers, solid Pyrénéen oak yields with breath-taking results. RRP from £1,995


About Tom Raffield

Purpose - to create new ways of living with their original, timeless objects that are inspired by the natural world that surrounds them in Cornwall. Their artisan homeware designs are handcrafted by a skilled team to last a lifetime, using traditional craft processes in sustainable and innovative ways. Tom's aim is to transform spaces and leave a lasting impact without having an impact on the very thing that drives him - nature.

"We are the antidote to over consumption and hope to inspire a like-minded conscious community, helping to create a world where people and nature thrive for future generations to enjoy." - Tom Raffield, Founder and Designer

Since discovering the traditional, age-old technique of steam bending wood whilst studying his degree in 3D Sustainability & Design, Tom has been on an incredible self-taught journey of developing and understanding the process to become one of the world leaders in his craft. Tom’s fascination with the ecological technique allows him to create intricate curves and twists, mimicking organic shapes and celebrating the very thing that inspires him - nature.

Tom Raffield is one of a new generation of designers and makers, using his craft in innovative and contemporary ways. Leading the charge in sustainable design, he is driven to forge a path to excellence and cause as little environmental impact as possible along the way.

His passion and skill are now shared with his talented team of craftspeople, together they create objects that symbolise nature, tell a story and will last a lifetime, all whilst protecting the natural world.

“Each piece we create has been on an experimental journey - individual, organic and carefully considered. We source everything from sustainable woodlands, which, coupled with the low energy steam bending process, is a very ecological practice with little wastage,” explains Tom Raffield, founder.

Handcrafted in their BREEAM Excellent studios in Cornwall, England, the range of contemporary lighting, furniture and accessories Tom Raffield creates is based on beauty, integrity and a desire to create unique, high specification objects that will be cherished by their owners for years to come.

Tom Raffield new kyru vase

Sustainability at Tom Raffield

With the smallest ecological footprint possible, Tom Raffield forge a path to excellence, crafting the heirlooms of the future whilst protecting the natural world that inspires them. Find out more here.


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