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Bespoke Giant Flock Chandelier in Reclaim Magazine

Posted: 18.07.18

Our Giant Flock Chandelier and Cage Pendant make a statement in the July issue of Reclaim Magazine.
Reclaim Magazine

With architecture and interiors designed by Charlie Luxton, this private clients' home at Manor Farm, Worcestershire, features a plethora of natural, raw materials. Stone flooring, exposed brick walls and wooden beams compliment the well chosen statement furnishings including an L shape sofa upholstered in geometric, turquoise fabric and our Giant Flock Chandelier and Cage Pendant

Check out pages 108 - 110 for full details. 

Words by Andreina Cordani. Copyright: Reclaim Magazine.

Offering an alternative to the mass produced, RECLAIM magazine celebrates dealers, traders, interior designers and makers who choose to work with reclaimed materials, vintage and antiques; unusual items with a backstory.

- Reclaim Magazine.

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