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Top tips for creating clustered lighting

9 August 2018

Two, three or maybe even ten?

Clustered lighting has been a key interior trend for pretty much as long as we can remember. Introducing multiple shades to your space is not only a great way to introduce more light, but also a guaranteed way to make an eye-catching statement. 

Here's our top tips on how to create a clustered lighting look in your interior...

Three Giant No.1 Pendants creating an ambient glow in the Grand Designs home

Suit the space

The most important thing when considering trying out a new lighting look is to find a style that will complement your home. If you’ve got a Victorian or Georgian property with high ceilings or a sleek new apartment with a split-level room, clustered lighting can emphasise the vertical height of your interior.

For a more intimate and cosy feel, group your lights closer together, or to elongate a room hang them in a line, like Tom Raffield has done (above) with our No. 1 Giant Pendants in his own Grand Designs home.

Shop the look: (from left) Skipper Pendant in Ash, May Coffee Table, Arbor Armchair in Grey, Arbor Dining Chair in Cobalt Blue, No.1 Pendant Giant in Oak, Crib Bench.

cluster lighting
An Urchin cluster of Ash, Oak and Walnut shades
cluster lighting
Urchin Pendants look great in a relaxed living room setting

Mixed finishes

We’ve been experimenting with mixed wood finishes for years; it's one of our favourite lighting looks. Varying colour, pattern, texture and style is essential in decorating, so forget matchy-matchy room schemes and don’t be afraid to mix Ash, Oak and Walnut wood lights together in a cluster.

See Tom Raffield's own living room and our Urchin Pendants (above) for inspiration.

Shop the look: (left image, from left) Upholstered Crib Bench in Yellow, Small Urchin Pendant in Oak, Urchin Pendant in Walnut, Large Urchin Pendant in Ash, Yellow Beeble Pouffe (right, from left) assorted Ash and Oak Urchin Pendants in small and standard sizes.

Our lighting installation at our London pop-up shop at 67 York Street for London Design Festival 2017

Different sizes and shapes

Grouping pendants of different sizes or shapes – like we have done in our lighting installations – gives a sculptural aesthetic and unique quality to a room. Add space between pendants of different sizes to give the illusion that they are floating in space.

Shop the look: No.1 Pendant in Ash, Skipper Pendant in Ash, Urchin Pendant in Ash, Cape Pendant in Ash, Scots Pendant in Ash.

Our pendant lights in the trees of Belgravia, London
Scots, Urchin and No.1 Pendant trio at Chelsea Flower Show 2017
Cage Pendant cluster
Add drama, add depth, see differently

 Varied lengths

Add interest to your interior by experimenting with different length pendant cords, like we have done with our Cage Pendants (above) and Skipper Pendants (below) at Port Eliot Festival.

Hanging shades at different heights will draw the eye and make for an original, creative display. 

Shop the look: (above) Cage Pendant and Large Cage Pendant (below) Skipper Pendant Large in Oak and Walnut.

cluster no.1
A cluster of Skipper Pendants at Port Eliot Festival 2018

Central focus

Suspending a cluster of lights above a dining table, kitchen unit or reading corner will automatically create a centre point whilst providing functional task lighting.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a large, open plan space you can use different clusters of lights to create distinct, separate zones.

Shop the look: (left image, from left) Arbor Armchair, Stuggy Side Table, Beeble Pouffe, No.1 Pendant in Walnut (right image, from left) Helix Drum Pendant in Oak, Arbor Dining Chair, No.1 Pendant Giant in Oak.

Image 1 alt text goes here
Walnut No.1 Pendants in the Grand Designs home yield illumination and soft shadow over a reading corner set up
Image 2 alt text goes here
Dinner time glow - No.1 Pendants create task lighting over the family dining table

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