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A Sea of Skipper Lights at Port Eliot Festival 2018

1 August 2018

We took a unique installation of our best-selling Skipper Pendants to Port Eliot.

Following the success of our lighting installation in the trees down by the river at the festival last year, this time we headed back to Port Eliot Festival with another iconic display.

Over twenty standard and large sized Skipper Pendants in ash, oak and walnut wood were suspended from the middle of the Lawn Tent to provide illumination for cooking demos and hungry diners alike.

Ash, oak and walnut - which one is your favourite?
Breakfast-goers enjoying the Skipper installation

Underneath our Skipper installation

This sculptural display of iconic Skipper Pendants epitomises the values at our core. Individually handcrafted from sustainably sourced ash, oak and walnut wood, each unique pendant is created without any chemicals or additives and intended to be cherished heirlooms of the future.

- Tom Raffield, Founder.
A close-up shot of a walnut Skipper with beautiful wood grain
Skippers soaring above the feast

Skipper Pendants taking centre stage in the Lawn Tent above a multitude of delighted diners enjoying food by local chefs.

Achieve impact with a lighter touch. Embrace simplicity. Make a statement in your space.

Shadow and light in equal measure
Skipper Pendants providing night-time glow

Our Skipper Pendant is available in standard, large and giant pendants, and as a floor light.


Posted: 01.08.18
Updated: 16.04.21

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