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The Cost of Black Friday

23 November 2022

Make worldly savings this year!
tom raffield in cornwall

Innovative, sustainable design can inspire change. Join us in making a stand against mindless, overconsumption in the quest for a good deal. We get it, there is a lot of noise when it comes to Black Friday and it can be easy to get caught up in the discounting frenzy, but you won't find us participating. We will again be staying true to our sustainable values and choose to side step the trend. For those searching for gifts, we urge you to buy quality, well-made goods that will last a lifetime and not end up on landfill! We think it's time to wave goodbye to this toxic retail habit...

This year, it is predicted that Black Friday will produce 429,000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from product deliveries alone, with 80% of Black Friday usually ending up at landfill shortly after.

Throughout ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ our team will continue to handcraft our timeless collection of lighting and homeware, which will remain fairly priced to reflect the quality and superior longevity that goes into each of our designs.

tom raffield workshop

Conscious Crafting

From ethically sourcing our wood, to our low waste practices, every step in our crafting journey has been carefully considered to care for our planet. As a group of creative thinkers and innovators, we design to cherish the world around us – not damage it. Drawing on techniques that are altogether friendlier towards the environment, such as steam bending and naturally air-drying our timber, we’re able to lessen our impact on the very thing that inspires us – the natural world.

tom raffield workshop
tom raffield workshop

Our Sustainable Partners

We are proud to work alongside Ecologi and WWF, both of which work tirelessly to aid the planets recovery.

As a proud member of the WWF 2030 Circle, which aims to prevent the planet reaching a series of climate change ‘tipping points’ and seeks to find new ways of living sustainably and harmoniously alongside the natural world.

Tom Raffield Grand Designs forest

“Sustainable companies will lead the way to a brighter future by driving change and helping consumers make responsible decisions that will be kinder on our planet. Before it is too late”.

- Alastair Fothergill, WWF Ambassador and 2030 Circle Chairman.

This is our time to step up, give back and take action. If possible, we encourage you to join us in our anti-Black Friday campaign and help drive change with WWF and support two initiatives very close to our heart and help two vital projects that will actually fight climate change and save our one shared home...


Joining over 13,000 likeminded businesses we joined Ecologi with one common goal in mind – caring for our natural world. From solar powered projects in Vietnam to saving endemic Moroccan fruit tree species, Ecologi have an amazing breadth of global pledges. As our Ecologi forest grows with our business, this ensures that we are constantly reviewing our practises to remain operating with a carbon neutral workforce.

tom raffield cornwall

A Brighter Future

Striving towards a brighter future, we handcrafted every design with the planet at the forefront of our mind...

Posted: 23.11.22

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