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The Influence of Art Deco

4 June 2021

Seeking Art Deco inspiration? We have picked our favourite features and explained how they can be brought into modern interiors...
Leven Drum Pendant

What is Art Deco?

Art deco is a design movement that originated in the 1920s, which developed into a major style, mainly in western Europe and America. Art Deco represented modernism which turned into timeless fashion and design statement. The intention is to create sleek, anti-traditional elegance that symbolized sophistication and faith in social progress with an investment into gorgeous materials.

The distinguishing features of the style are simple clean shapes that are ornamented with geometric or stylized pattern. The perfect balance of simplistic symmetry and intricate designs. Art Deco designs can be characterised by its vertical lines, drawing the eye upwards. With blocky, geometrical shapes and forms, along with curved ornamental elements, Art Deco is a timeless style with features that will suit any interior. Featuring bold pops of metals like brass or chrome, and using deep woods to contrast with coloured walls, art deco allows you to bring your personality to your space.

Leven Drum Pendant
With a gentle directional light flowing out of each layer, the Leven Drum Pendant Large subtly enhances interior features.
Noctis wheal table light
The brass base plate adds some luxury to the bold Noctis Wheal Table Light.

Made up with a beautiful balance of simple structure and intricate details, Art Deco is unusually varied in where it where inspiration is drawn from, and how that is displayed, leaving plenty of room for personal interpretation.

The Lasting Beauty of Art Deco

The clean, simple shapes of Art Deco design offer a streamlined look that will work with most décors. Art Deco pieces are investments that can be carried through different trends, and still be captivating and inspiring, through  movement that inspires high contrast, dramatic shapes through structure and bold geometric forms. The inspiration from different eras that Art Deco draws from, is why Art Deco is so versatile and ageless.

Hanter wall light
Symmetry is a simple tool when wanting to bring some Art Deco inspiration to your space. By using pairs of wall lights, the eye is drawn up from the floor and adds some vertical strength to your interior.

“One of the things that makes Art Deco universally appealing is that it can live in other environments; it’s not static.”

–Ken Fulk, interior designer

With our lives being so centred around our homes, it is important that our surroundings uplift and motivate us. Art Deco is the perfect way to respect and enhance your surroundings, by turning it into a timeless capsule of great design.


Lifetime guarantee

An investment for a lifetime

Art Deco has an understated timelessness to it, that feels incredibly familiar. What was born as a celebration of progress, capitalism and machinery, has grown into a romantic view on the social and ethical progress of our current times. To honour the Art Deco movement with any new pieces purchased, it is vital that sustainability is a key influence. Pieces that are made to last a lifetime, with as little waste as possible, are the strongest way to carry art deco into future trends.

Welcome Art Deco to your space

There are plenty of ways to embrace the allure of Art Deco into a modern interior. From subtle touches to an all-out art deco interior, Art Deco can be tailored for any space. We have brought a few of our favourite aspects of art deco together, and on how you can bring the shapes and style into your space, whether you want a subtle nod to the design era, or a more dramatic art deco interior.

Leven Drum Pendant


Patterns and shapes

Pattern is warmly embraced in Art Deco interior design, so influenced spaces often focus on pattern, which makes it a key element in achieving the look. Patterns that were widely used throughout Deco interiors include stylized natural or organic shapes such as leaves, branches and feathers; trapezoids, chevrons and zigzags; jagged and stepped or pointed edges that are reminiscent of skyscrapers. Great practice would be to start on the walls, ceilings or floors of your space, bringing layers of art deco and allowing the option of either simplifying your interior with minimalist furnishings or leaning into the art deco movement by mixing patterns.

How to achieve this at home

To subtly bring art deco influence to your home, celebrate the patterns within nature by using light and shadows. An art deco inspired ceiling pendant will not only utilize the vertical lines that art deco is based around, but the shadows will bring high contrast to your space.

Arame Pedant
Put nature back in the spotlight with the Arame Ceiling Pendant. Organic patterns will flood over your space and illuminate your interior with a warm glow. 

The Arame Ceiling Pendant is perfect for celebrating the organic inspiration that art deco draws from. Project dramatic shadows throughout your space to subtly enhance the features in your interior. Whether on or off, the Arame will amaze with stunning patterns that honour our natural surroundings. 

Streamlined, bold lines

Be bold with lines. Highly finished, dark wooden lines are an idyllic way to tie your room together to create some high contrast styling. Work in pairs with wall designs to create symmetrical designs with simplistic shapes and lines to harmonise your interior. These pieces are timeless in their unique style, which can be carried through a lifetime of every changing trends and styles.

How to achieve this at home

Celebrate the versatility of Art Deco by utilizing unusual spaces to put these bold lines. Growing up from the ground, from your wall, or even at desk height is a brilliant way to keep interest peaked throughout every inch of your space whilst creating fun layers.


Celebrate structural simplicity with the Noctis Wheal Lighting Range. The perfect balance of sleek and elegant lines with a purposeful curve. Using the strength of vertical lines married with the impact of ebonised wood finished with a brass plate, the Noctis Wheal Lighting Range works through any modern Art Deco inspired interior.


Incorporate angular geometric shapes

Celebrate the beauty of geometric shapes and angular forms. Art Deco is characterized by its use of blocky shapes to celebrate the grace and strength of non-traditional forms. Clean, rectangular designs are a great way to bring the bold strength of the Art Deco era, into a modern home.

How to achieve this at home

Use lighting as an opportunity to create some drama to your space. Use clean, modernized lighting to accent the features in your room whilst still in keeping with your desired aesthetic. Ceiling and wall lights are a perfect way to illuminate your space whilst projecting personality across the whole interior.

Leven range
Our new Leven Lighting Range is a striking but subtle affair that hints at both Scandinavian and Art Deco aesthetics.

Inspired by the striking formations of smooth sea-eroded cliff faces and ridged headlands that distinguish the north coast of Cornwall, the Leven Lighting Range celebrates vertical lines and bold geometry. Pair with a darker colour palette, the warm tones of the wood contrast flawlessly to create a unique, but comfortable, art deco atmosphere.

Accessories to complete

Accessories complete an art deco room; small elements will make a huge difference in achieving your desired aesthetic. The finishing touches will harmonize your space and bring the décor together to create a sense of confidence and style.

How to achieve this at home

Make a statement with a your accessories. Break up the angular geometric shapes with a circular accessories, this will create a point of focus and help create comfort in your space. Accessories are an opportunity to create some variation and personality throughout your space, as well as adding extra height and drama easily, when needed.

Harlyn mirror
Bring extra light into your interior with a Harlyn Mirror Large, to create a sense of space.

The Harlyn Mirror brings together any room, tying together any interior design with handcrafted steam bending that celebrate not only the space it adorns but the beauty and timelessness of wood. Mirrors look great featured in an art deco style room and accentuate the features in your space.

Merryn Planter
Sixteen blades of twisting steam bent oak stand shoulder to shoulder in striking spherical conduct to support a nestled, handmade earthenware bowl. 

For a softer impact, comfort can be found in the Merryn Floor Standing Planter. Using vertical lines that will add height to your space, but with a gentle twist, the Merryn Floor Standing Planter is a subtle nod at Art Deco. For added Art Deco inspiration, pair with either a upright or trailing plant to emphasize and layer .

Posted: 04.06.21

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