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Lookbook: Comber Lighting Range

30 August 2019

Discover our latest collection of steam bent lighting that captures the beauty of organic shoreline shapes.


Born in the barrel of a waking wave, the Comber Lighting Range is shaped by the reverberating tides that lap the Cornish coastline. 

Three new lights ebb, flow and roll into your home, bringing with them our signature steam bent aesthetic that’s handcrafted to last over a lifetime. 

Available in sustainably sourced oak or walnut, our Comber Range allows you to revive your space.

Tracing from crest to trough, a single piece of sustainably sourced oak or walnut wood seamlessly intertwines to form our enigmatic Neap Wall Light.
Six swells of sustainable, steam bent oak or walnut wood rise up and flow in undulating grace to create the Drift Pendant.
Casting shadows that seamlessly float and settle in buoyant tranquillity, the Drift Pendant creates a light show that disperses softly; rippling, cresting and breaking around the room.
Our Neap Wall Light is an intuitive lighting design that sweeps a soft ambient glow to far corners and suits an array of spaces.
Perfectly poised; beautifully balanced. Our Drift Pendant was inspired by the power and grace of the Atlantic Ocean.
The Neap Wall Light’s elegant form carves a perfectly balanced path of light to brighten above and below.
Taking inspiration from the natural, spiraling forms that scatter our Atlantic tide lines, the Keel Pendant is a striking display of confident, modern design.

"Our Comber Lighting Range is all about exploring our relationship with the sea. The shapes, the sounds, the emotions. We wanted to design a collection that brought a piece of the Cornish coastline into people’s homes."

Tom Raffield, Founder
Interwoven and underpinned by brass rivets to a striking central structure of seasoned plywood, each handcrafted timber wave bends to mesmerise and delight.
Mirroring the moon’s gravitational pull over the tide, the Neap Wall Light’s wooden silhouette showcases continuity.
Ideally suited to a bedroom or living space, our Drift Pendant casts a soft light that disperses around the room, creating a gentle and welcoming ambience.
The Keel Pendant is a striking display of confident, modern design. Steamed in one isolated section, a wide piece of oak or walnut timber that is arched by hand into choreographed formation and held with three brass rivets.

Whether it’s the tranquil, glassy waves breaking onto the shoreline or the gale force winds and enormous spring tides battering the rugged cliffs, the ocean is mesmerising. The cascading shadows and flowing light created by our Comber Range pays homage to one of nature’s most empowering elements, and one that never fails to inspire our work.

- Tom Raffield, Founder.

The Comber Lighting Range brings a piece of the Cornish coastline into your space.

Undulating bends capture the grace and power of Atlantic swell. Our Drift Pendant offers a soft ambience whilst creating a dramatic visual spectacle.
Perfect for lighting hallways, bedrooms and living areas, our Neap Wall Light will redefine your interior.
Also suited to bathroom lighting, the Neap Wall Light's strength is in its versatility, ingenuity and contemporary design.
Producing defined funnels of diffused down light, the Keel Pendant invites opportunity and looks particularly effective suspended in clusters.
Organic shapes, inspired by nature. The Comber Range represents a different take on lighting, capturing the drama of the Cornish coast through playful, inventive design. 

Posted: 30.08.19
Updated: 07.07.23

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