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Lookbook: New In For Spring

Time for a Spring refresh...
Tom Raffield semper

Brimming with personality, our four new homeware pieces will breath new life into your home with their innovative, versatile designs. Providing adjustable lighting displays and 'off the wall' beauty, our newest wooden products allow you to live alongside great design that works for your space.

duo of tom raffield maya wall planter
The Maya Wall Planter. A steam bent oval hoop of sustainable ash wood is skilfully forged together with a curved scarf join to provide strength and stability whilst gently cradling a tactile, hand-glazed earthenware bowl.
verso wall light
The innovative design of the Verso Wall Light can be positioned at different angles to create focused lighting within your space.
tom raffield new smeper pendant
Inviting change with its tilting layers, the Semper Lighting Range caters for multi-tasking modern spaces and passes the curation of home lighting to the hands of the user.
tom raffield verso wall light
From cosy reading corners and hardworking hallways to calming bedside spaces, the Verso Wall Light's varying form adds playful personality to a wide range of interiors.
tom raffield verso wall light
The innovative Verso Wall Light can be positioned at different angles to create focused lighting within your space.
verso wall light
Looping to create eye-catching asymmetry, the Verso Wall Light is carefully crafted from one continuous length of sustainably sourced FSC timber.
tom raffield maya wall planter
The Maya Wall Planter is well suited to living rooms, hallways, offices and kitchens and functions well as a standalone design or displayed in group formation.
Maya Wall Planter">Maya Wall Planter is perfect for showcasing your houseplants, herbs, or homegrown produce without taking up too much space.
tom raffield semper pendant
Centred around the Latin word for ‘always’, Semper’s shifting form and changeable lighting effects is representative of the seasonal movement and varying light levels of the Sun's path.
tom raffield semper pendant
Handcrafted from sustainably sourced FSC oak or walnut wood, the Semper Pendant features a centralised, cylindrical wooden frame secured by a solid brass axis and two rotating outer timber layers.
tom raffield semper pendant
Well suited as a standalone centrepiece, or as a self-curated constellation for greater impact. The Semper Pendant is available in two sizes and will create a beautiful ambience in hallways, bedrooms and living spaces alike.
tom raffield new verso light
Carefully hand curved, the Verso Wall Light brings organic forms to hallways and living spaces.
tom raffield maya wall planter
Breath new life into your home by adding a Maya Wall Planter populated with growing greenery.
tom raffield new semper pendant
The design impact is in your hands with the Semper Pendant Small. Control the illumination in your space throughout the day with the easily adjustable layers of sustainably sourced timber.
tom raffield trio of maya planters
A trio of well placed Maya Wall Planters can hold a handy selection of fresh grab-and-go herbs for your cooking or cocktail making.
tom raffield verso wall light
Balance your space with a duo of Verso Wall Lights. Each wooden wall light is a striking yet soothing addition to any home.
tom raffield semper pendant small
tom raffield new in designs

Looks that last

Every handcrafted design from our Cornish workshop is guaranteed to last lifetime of treasured memories. Each of our new pieces will be warmly welcomed by multifunctional spaces as they can be adapted to suit our ever changing daily routines.

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