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Spotlight on: Drum Lighting Designs

28 April 2022

The classic lighting design with a Tom Raffield twist…

tom raffield mullion floor light

The Mullion Floor Light casts a bold spotlight from its striking silhouette, accentuating your home décor.

A drum pendant is one of the most universally classic lighting styles. Used throughout kitchens, living spaces, and bedrooms worldwide, chances are you have a ‘drum’ shade of some description in your home right now…

So, what makes this shade so versatile and popular?

A cylindrical drum pendant offers a directional light source as a ceiling, flush-fitting, floor or table light. The shape of the circular ‘drum’ lampshade casts the light emitted from the bulb upwards and downwards into focussed pools – making a drum lamp a good choice for a myriad of homes. A drum style design can draw attention and create a focal point in your interior at the flick of a switch. 

Our drum lighting designs offer a modern twist on the timeless design…

Leven Lighting Range

tom raffield leven pendant small
Illuminate the path through your hallway with a self-curated cluster of Leven Pendant Smalls.

The Leven Lighting Range was forged from the marriage of Art Deco and Scandi design and inspired by the striking formations of smooth sea-eroded cliff faces and ridged headlands that distinguish the north coast here in Cornwall.

Tiers of sustainably sourced timber surround the warm glow of the bulb to provide layers of illumination to your space. The Leven Lighting Range casts a beautiful blend of downlighting alongside subtle levels of light that escape through each wooden tier. The welcoming glow of the Leven Lighting Range makes it well suited to relaxing bedrooms, hallways and living spaces.

tom raffield leven table light in walnut
The Leven Table Light emits a cosy glow, well suited to bedside reading.
tom raffield leven flush ceiling light
If your lower ceiling height or compact interior is calling out for a spotlight, opt for the Flush Leven Ceiling Light.
tom raffield semper cluster
A constellation of Semper Pendants allows you to add depth to your space.

Semper Lighting Range

Putting the power of design in your hands, the cylindrical Semper design suits a wide range of interiors and is available in two sizes. When the outer two, adjustable, wooden layers are aligned in its horizontal formation, the Semper Pendant casts a strong spotlight onto your desired area, illuminating darker evenings with a gentle glow.

tom raffield semper pendant
The Semper Pendant Small placed above your dining space will flood your table with a warm glow, igniting conversation with loved ones.

Suspend in interiors that have the ability to hold a lower pendant, meaning transforming the pendant will be in arms reach, whilst creating a striking design statement. The Semper Lighting Range is best suited to dynamic, ever-changing areas such as dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Stem Lighting Range

Enhance your illumination with the Stem Lighting Range. Each design provides a waterfall downlighting due to its unique, coiling wooden shade design that frames the bulb, allowing light to cascade down upon your space. Whether growing out from your wall, or placed table-top, the Stem Wall Light works hard to provide a spotlight where needed. The Stem Lighting Range is well suited to illuminating rooms that are in need of enhanced task lighting throughout such as entrance ways, home offices or kitchens.

tom raffield stem table light
A perfect partnership. The Stem Table Light and the Arbor Armchair work beautifully together, proving a relaxing reading nook.
tom raffield stem wall light
Place the Stem Wall Light in pairs on your wall, or either side of your door, to frame your space and create balance.

Posted: 28.04.22
Updated: 02.06.23

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