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Our 2021 highlights

22 December 2021

We're very grateful for our 2021 journey...
Tom Raffield in Cornwall

2021 has proved us resilient, enthusiastic, and adaptable. This year, we have grown and progressed in ways we could have never imagined, and we can only thank you, our loyal customers, for your continued support. Every step of our 2021 journey is a credit to our dedicated team - we’ve showcased some of our highlights here so you can share the joy with us!

Tom Raffield Verso Collection

New designs

The creativity and inspiration we draw from our surroundings is endless, which is why each of our new collections showcases Cornish beauty in fresh ways.

The Flush Lighting Collection

Perfect for illuminating compact interiors, our Flush Lighting Range was designed to create the sought after Tom Raffield impact – no matter the size of the space.

Tom Raffield Flush Arame
Inspired by the striking, sequential patterns found in nature, the Arame Flush Ceiling Light projects a mesmerising display of light and shadow on your ceiling. 

Leven Lighting Range

Inspired by the striking smooth sea-eroded cliff faces and ridged headlands that distinguish the north coast of Cornwall, our Leven Lighting Range brings structural beauty and tiered illumination.

Tom Raffield Leven Pendant mix
Casting a gentle spotlight, the Leven Pendant is a beautiful blend of bold geometry and soft light. 
Tom Raffield Leven Table Light
Warm radiance flows through each wooden layer of the Leven Table Light.

Verso Lighting Range

Celebrating the unexpected, gravity defying motions found in falling leaves in an Autumn breeze, the Verso Lighting Range calls back to nature. The Verso Range is our first asymmetrical lighting range which provides lighting affects like no other.

Tom Raffield Verso Range

Green Range Additions

Our biophilic Green Range grew this autumn. The Mylor Bowl, Maen Pot, and Maen Pot Trio joined our well-loved range of indoor planters. With playful versatility found in every design, each piece can be brought to a wide range of spaces – whether as planters or as handy storage.

News and events

Loer Pendant

Award Winner. Our Loer Pendant made us extremely proud this year. Back in May, the Loer Pendant won a Grazia Interior Award 2021 for sustainable lighting. We were then honoured to discover that the Loer Pendant had also won an Elle Decoration British Design Award 2021 for lighting.

Chelsea Flower Show with Yeo Valley. Working with Yeo Valley and Tom Massey, we crafted a steam bent hideaway to sit above a gentle stream, in their Main Avenue Organic Show Garden for the first ever Autumn Chelsea Flower Show. This garden not only won a Chelsea Flower Show gold medal but was chosen as the people’s choice award winner.

Yeo Valley garden

Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Awards. We had the honour to be asked to design and craft the awards given to innovative UK businesses and individuals that are working had to ensure a sustainable future.

Surfers against sewage trophy

Our Customers

We can’t say thank you enough to our amazing customers and supporters. We are very thankful for your continuous feedback and photos, which is invaluable in helping us grow and improve. Whilst we can’t single out any favourite comments or spaces that feature our designs, here are just a few lovely ones that keep our inspiration flowing…

“The Wheal Table Lamp is the perfect example of the ‘less is more’ concept. Minimalistic, with gentle curves to please the eye, it succeeds in being both discrete and a wow at the same time”.

- Amanda B

“I love the way the Skipper Floor Light makes constantly changing patterns on the wall - a beautiful, well crafted, interesting addition to our living area that has made us rethink our space - we certainly got a whole lot more than we anticipated!”

- Jo R
Tom Raffield customer picture, Urchin Cluster
(Picture: @nicolaomara_interiordesign)
Tom Raffield customer picture, Wheal Wall and Table.
(Picture: @gommstudio)

“I’m very thrilled to order my Artus table lamp! Pictures on the website are brilliant but the actual product is a masterpiece! It sets a warm and romantic mood in our living room. The shadow that it creates makes it more beautiful!”

– Zettes

In the media

You might have seen us in some of your favourite publications, or magazines over the past year. We have been lucky enough to feature in a wide selection of popular titles. Here are some of our media highlights...

urchin pendant in the media
Our Urchin Pendant was part of a cosy feature in the January issue of Country Homes & Interiors.
tom raffield, enki magazine leven pendant
Back in July, Enki Magazine spoke to Tom about designing and handcrafting our new Leven Lighting Range.
Grazia magazine
Our Arame Pendant features in self-taught interior design expert Liv Madeline’s (from @renovating_cheznous) renovation. Grazia spoke to Liv about her top renovating and design tips…
LivingEct magazine
Our steam bent accessories range appeared in the May 2021 issue of LivingEtc, in the pastel colour feature by Sarita Sharma.
Elle Decoration magazine
Our May Coffee Table featured in the February issue of Elle Decoration, in a section about sustainable furniture.


This year we have made great strides in crafting a brighter future by continuing our sustainability work.

Tom Raffield workshop wood waste

Waste not. Our craft of steam bending is inherently low waste; however, waste is not always avoidable. When we do produce waste, we dispose of this in planet friendly ways. We donate any usable wood to a local toy maker or a community platform for gardeners to recycle waste wood into seed dibbers and gardening tools. If the waste wood is unusable to these groups, the wood is sent off to be recycled for future use, never sent to landfill. Any wood that cannot be recycled gets turned to energy, this means it is vaporised and turned into electricity, then fed back to the grid.

WWF 2030 circle
WWF 2030 circle

WWF 2030 Circle. This year, we joined the WWF 2030 circle which supports the Trillion Trees programme. WWF’s Trillion Trees has an ambitious, yet necessary target – to re-grow, save and protect one trillion trees globally by 2050. Our philanthropic pledge is collectively helping to raise the needed funds to make this goal possible.

One trillion trees would be world changing, for the good. Habitats could be restored. Ecosystems would be reintroduced so species could thrive. This is our step in helping give back to the planet that provides us with so much.

Tom Raffield in Cornwall

Our Growing Forest. Whilst we joined Ecologi back in 2019, we are proud that we have been a climate positive workforce for 14 months, meaning our forest has grown to almost 5,000 trees, planted all across the globe.

Our team

Tom Raffield workshop

2021 has been a year of flexibility and growth, with the safety of our team being our priority. Each member of our expanding team has been thoughtful when faced with ever-changing environments and rules. We have been able to welcome new people to the team, whilst supporting current members, helping them progress.

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