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Meet the Team - Callum

19 May 2022

Meet more of our hardworking Tom Raffield team… 
callum, tom raffield and team

Introducing Callum, our Senior Creative Designer. Whether you are flicking through our latest logbook, or discovering Tom Raffield in your favourite magazine, Callum’s creative work can be spotted in a wide range of spaces. Let’s find out more about one of Tom Raffield’s longest serving team members…

callum in the workshop
In the early day of Tom Raffield, Callum helped Tom with unique steam bent projects.

TR: What is your job role?

CK: “Essentially, my job role as Senior Creative Designer is to create all our marketing visuals - you will find me behind the lens of a camera, setting up and styling our product shoots, or designing graphics for literature and web. My role is extremely varied, which allows me to flex my creative muscle, whilst reinforcing our unique brand identity across a range of platforms”.

callum and tom raffield
tom raffield callum

TR: How long have you worked at Tom Raffield?

CK: “I have worked at Tom Raffield for just under 9 years – time certainly does fly when you are having fun! When I started it was just Tom and one other maker, crafting from a small workshop. My first role was an apprenticeship in warehousing and storage, this meant I spent most of my time packing designs, ensuring they would arrive safely at their new homes. As time went on, my interest in the craft processes grew, and I became more involved in the workshop. Initially I helped with the prepping the wood and finishing the designs, then moved on to becoming the first full-time lighting maker at Tom Raffield.

As my skills developed in the workshop, I began to help Tom with new lighting designs. Assisting in the CAD phase of producing each design digitally, utilising the skills I gained from studying 3D Design for Sustainability at Falmouth University – the same course as Tom Raffield. As I was spending more time behind the computer, the journey to creating graphics for the brand felt like a natural one. This is where I focused on developing my software skills, creating everything for print, and most of the visuals found on our website.

My role has continued to grow alongside the business and led me to where I am now, being a member of our busy Marketing team. We style, photograph, and edit all our own photoshoots, allowing us to keep it in-house and creatively consistent. Recently I have been venturing into shooting videos for our website and social channels, which is an exciting new challenge 9 years into my time at Tom Raffield.”

callum photoshoot
Found behind the lens, Callum's images allow Tom Raffield products to shine.

TR: What is your average day at Tom Raffield?

CK: “I don’t think I ever have a day that I could call “average”. One day I could be creating content for our social media channels and emails, the next day I could be shooting a new product range. Before each task I spend time planning the style and theme, ensuring it highlights the iconic Tom Raffield aesthetic whilst suiting each audience.

There are various printed materials that need to be kept up to date. This includes our quarterly logbook, which shares all the latest happenings from our studio and workshops in Cornwall, and goes out with each order, as well as the product instructions and specifications that go alongside every design. So, if we have a new product launch coming up, I'll be busy getting everything ready for that.

Recently, you may have spotted Tom Raffield throughout the London Underground! It’s a new venture for us, to showcase our unique offering to a wider audience. I am extremely proud to have my work seen nationally, whether it’s on a large scale or in a monthly magazine.”

tom raffield logbook and postcards
Look familiar? Our logbook and postcards that you find within your orders are all designed by Callum.
callum photoshoot
Ensuring everything sits right, Callum carefully accessorises the photoshoot.

TR: What is the best skill you have learnt from your time at Tom Raffield?

CK: “We're still a small team and work together across lots of projects and this has helped me to be more patient and confident in my time here. Being surrounded by so many likeminded individuals constantly pushes me to develop and strive for improvement in everything I do (I would also say my Photoshop skills have improved a lot too!).

TR: What is your favourite product or range?

CK: “The No. 1 Pendant. This has been my favourite since I started in the workshop and for a long while it was ‘my’ light. By which I mean I was the only person that could make the No. 1 Pendant, other than Tom. Because of this, I spent years perfecting the crafting, before passing the baton on and training others how to make it. For that reason, it will always be special to me.”

callum crafting the no. 1 pendant
40 meters of timber loop amongst itself to create our iconic No. 1 Pendant - a craft only few have mastered.

TR: Why is sustainability important to you?

CK: “After my son, Atlas, was born, I really think about what kind of world he will be living in when he is my age. I would hate to think my actions could negatively affect his future, and so I actively try to be as sustainable as possible in every decision I make – made easier when I work for a great, sustainable company! It surprises me how much my priorities have changed now I have a child, for me, his future is everything and so if there is anything I can do to create a better world for him, I will do that without hesitation.”

TR: What do you like to do after work?

CK: “My evenings are filled by loved ones and brainstorming my next crafting project at home. We have renovation plans on our horizon, preparing to make our new house a home, which involved a lot of planning with my wife, Chloe. We are so excited to decorate our son’s room, as this will be where his core memories are made, so we want to make it extra special.”

TR: What are your hobbies?

CK: “The tools don’t stop at Tom Raffield - I love DIY. If I have spare time, you will find me designing and making new projects for myself. I am currently finishing a drum kit I started a few years ago, so I hope this will be a new hobby. Unless I start another project for myself to get consumed by – which I often do!.”

chelsea flower show drawing by callum
Our Chelsea Flower Show stands are visualised in colour by Callum. 

TR: Where is your favourite place in Cornwall?

CK: “Where we live in Falmouth. We are based right on the waterfront and soaking up the morning glow across the still, clear, glass-like water never ceases to amaze me. I am so lucky to have this incredible sight every day, and I will never take this wonderful spot for granted.”

TR: What did you want to be when you were younger?

CK: “I had quite the need for speed when I was younger. I was torn between a fighter pilot or a Formula 1 racing driver. I have always loved the adrenaline rush that follows these kinds of experiences, and the idea of being paid for it sounded like heaven to me. For now, I am happy with my trusty family car, safely taking my son to swimming lessons.”

Posted: 19.05.22
Updated: 20.05.22

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