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Lookbook: The Modum Range

24 August 2018

Celebrating nature’s formations. Taking inspiration from the organic shapes, movements and sequential patterns that surround us, The Modum Range invites you to put nature back in the spotlight.
arame product
The Arame Pendant is named after a formation of seaweed from which it's steam bent shape takes inspiration
arame wall light
Arame Wall Lights create kaleidoscopic shadow
Introducing: The Modum Range
Quill 325
Delicate and intricate in equal measure the Quill 325 Pendant makes an impact in any space
Quill 550 pendant
Each Quill 550 Pendant is made up of sixteen steam bent petals that encompass three individual teardrop shaped pieces of either Walnut or Oak wood.
Arame Wall Light and Arame Pendant, both in Walnut
Quill 550 Pendant
The Quill 550 Pendant casts an ambient aura and creates a calming setting
Arame Pendant in Ash and Walnut
Twenty individual steam bent petals make up our statement Arame Pendants in Walnut and Ash wood types.
Arame Wall Light
Elemental, geometric, sequential
Arame Wall Light in Walnut
A surge of optical energy; a silhouette of sustainable craftsmanship
Arame Wall Light in Ash
Arame Wall Light in Ash stands in good company with our Merryn Floor Standing Planter Short and Arbor Armchair
The Arame Wall Light casts an aura of light that's truly transfixing to behold
Quill 325 Pendant
Featherlight, our signature curves soar in full flight formation
quill 550
Delicate and intricate in perfect measure
arame pendant
Let nature guide you: Arame Pendants in Ash and Walnut
quill 325
The petals that make up the Quill Pendant are reminiscent of the complex shapes and structures in a bird's feather
ambient arame
Switched on or off, boundless shadows unfurl, pirouette and tumble in kaleidoscopic tessellation creating an extraordinary spectacle in your space
Quill 550
The Quill celebrates aerial elevation
arame wall
Light and shadow in equal measure: Arame Wall Light
quill trio
A trio of Quill 325 Pendants in soft, ambient lighting
Arame Pendant in Walnut and Ash

Posted: 24.08.18
Updated: 14.09.21

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