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Lookbook: Spring Sanctuary

27 March 2024

Fresh furnishings and radiant lighting to transform your space into Spring time bliss...
skipper portable light

Spring is in full bloom, brightening our homes and filling our space with life. Our newly refreshed lighting and furniture ranges add artistic beauty to any space. From modern flats to cosy cottages, our ageless aesthetic seamlessly harmonises with any interior style. Read on for beautiful interior inspiration, featuring our newest designs...

skipper xsmall - stem wall light
Use the steam bent Skipper X-Small - Stem Wall Light to create ambience in hallways, living spaces or bedrooms alike.
crib seating range
The refreshed Crib Furniture Range offers two varying sized pieces. Whether you are searching for a stool or side table, the Crib Range offers a beautiful solution.
skipper small - stem floor light
Curate a cosy reading nook with the calming Skipper Small - Stem Floor Light.
Put your self-care essentials in easy reach with the Crib Stool.
tom raffield new wall light
Showcasing iconic design, the Stem Lighting Range adds playful character.
tom raffield new wall light
Radiating invigorating illumination; this statement wooden wall light is the ultimate balance between form and function.
skipper portable table light
Light the way with the rechargeable Skipper Portable Table Light.
Enhance your space with the friendly, shoreline forms of the Urchin Small - Stem Floor Light.
tom raffield new noctis mooring table light
Modern. Refined. Enticing. The Noctis Mooring Table Light adds drama to any tabletop.
noctis hanter wall light
Frame your space with the bold, ebonised form of the Noctis Hanter Wall Light.
artus small - stem floor light
The Artus Small - Stem Floor Light is the perfect final flourish for Japandi living space.
hanter table light
Radiating light in all directions, the Hanter Table Light blends an inviting ambience with a sharp design aesthetic.
portable table light
The conveniently cordless and rechargeable Skipper table light is perfect for adding an abundance of personality to hallways, living spaces and home offices.
bue stem wall light
The marriage of sleek ceramic and wooden hues makes the Bue - Stem Wall Light a truly timeless design.
stem table light
Handcrafted in sustainably sourced solid oak, the Stem's steam bent curve arches from its roots to showcase our sleek Kanna lampshade, which casts a glowing downlight.
Portable skipper table light
Perfect for compact spaces, the Skipper Portable Table Light adds light exactly where you need it.
Portable skipper table light
Coming alive as the evening draws in, the Skipper Portable Table Light projects a mesmerising display of light and shadow.
Stem floor light
The Stem Floor Light warms living, or bedroom spaces with wooden tones and welcoming illumination.
crib stool
Wind down with the Crib Stool by your side.
hanter wall light
Our new collection of arched wall lights look just as powerful suspending an exposed bulb...
artus xsmall - stem wall light
Or a dynamic, wooden Artus shade.
verso small - stem floor light
Artistry in every detail, the Verso Small - Stem Floor Light adds sculptural serenity to your home.

New from Tom Raffield

Discover fresh furniture and radiant lighting pieces that will turn your space into a blossoming beauty...

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