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Lookbook: Spring Fresh Mirrors

24 February 2023

Hit refresh on your space with our new light-maximising range of mirrors...
tom raffield nokori mirror

Minimalist in essence. Functionality at their core. Our new mirror designs pack a punch in your interior, whilst reflecting the natural light to accentuate the space. Settle in and explore our Scandi-inspired interior inspiration... 

esun shelf with mirror
The floating Esun Shelf with Mirror makes it well suited to busy entranceways, compact bathrooms, and restful bedrooms.
nokori mirror
Boasting a slender profile, the wall mounted Nokori Mirror is the perfect accent for completing any space.
esun shelf and mirror
Elevating interiors with harmonious design, the Esun Shelf with Mirror is the perfect blend of iconic Tom Raffield curves and minimalist, Scandi-inspire style.
nokori mirror
Whether placed on the wall on its own or arranged in multiples in various sizes, the Nokori's sleek design is sure to make a statement.
esun shelf with mirror
Seemingly floating upon its new stable home, five lengths of sustainably sourced ash wood are steam bent as one to cradle a frameless, rounded mirror - creating the innovative Esun Shelf with Mirror.
nokori mirror
Thoughtfully positioned above your sofa or bathroom sink, or beside your coat hook in your hallway, the lightweight Nokori is a useful addition to any space.
esun mirror
Invite serenity and convenience with the Esun Shelf with Mirror. Perfect for holding your daily essentials in the hallway for quick exits on busy mornings.
nokori mirror
The Nokori Mirror is available in 3 sizes so you can create a cohesive look across various rooms. 
esun shelf with mirror
Put your treasured belongings on full display on the iconic Esun Shelf with Mirror. 
nokori mirror
A well placed Nokori Mirror is perfect for reflecting light and enhancing gloomy corners, allowing you to get the most out of every room.
Nokori Mirror
A natural beauty. The subtle wooden hues of the Nokori Mirror suit perfectly in biophilic spaces.
Esun shelf with mirror
Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist, your shelf styling can be proudly showcased on the Esun Shelf with Mirror.
nokori mirror
The naturally understated Nokori Mirror is well suited to Japandi-inspired spaces. 
Esun Shelf with Mirror
The beauty of the wavy wooden Esun Shelf with Mirror is found within it's versatility. The circular mirror creates a moment of solace, whilst the handy shelf is perfect for displaying essentials.

Posted: 24.02.23
Updated: 21.04.23

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